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Best CRM Software: SuperOffice Wins PC World Award

Oslo, December 16, 2014

SuperOffice has, again, won PC World’s Best CRM software award for its cloud solution, SuperOffice CRM.

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PC World says, “Good CRM systems help you to find, catch and keep more customers.” “A sales person will use a CRM system to work on a campaign, send mailings and contact potential customers by phone.” “In the process which goes from a potential customer to an offer to an order, the sales manager has a full overview of sales opportunities and where they are in the process.”

And “even after a sale is completed, it’s important to follow up on the customer. Perhaps the customer wants to return something or is in need of customer support. Then it is important that there is a module which handles customer requests from beginning to end,” says PC World. “A CRM system is an important part of ensuring that customers are satisfied.”

"SuperOffice is the best CRM software"

“There are many CRM systems on the market with varying functionality. Some CRM systems are a part of the accounting system, other CRM systems are so comprehensive that it can take months to customize the solution to the business’ needs,” says PC World. “In this year’s test, we focused on the customization possibilities, but we also expect that a CRM system would work straight out-of-the box.”

PC World evaluated the most popular CRM solutions on the Norwegian market which comprised six CRM solution in twelve different editions, including Microsoft Dynamics CRM. “The user interface of SuperOffice is very good. It is simple, neat and clear. The interface is polished and the solution includes some great features which gives a unique feeling of working in SuperOffice. With the eMarketing, Customer Service and the new Quote Management module which is included in the Professional edition, we are in no doubt that SuperOffice is best in test.”

“We are proud to be winning this award again,”says Gisle Jentoft, CEO of SuperOffice. “To stay competitive, businesses of all sizes want and need to create loyal customer relationships and a good CRM software is key in helping companies attain this goal.”

End-user focus

“This year’s test was comprehensive and covered areas such as usability, speed, and support for sales, marketing and customer service processes. These are same areas that make SuperOffice win more customers in the competitive CRM market in Europe”, says Gisle Jentoft.

“SuperOffice has always had the user in focus. It is great to see that this is highly valued in the test as well”, says Director of Product Development, Guttorm Nielsen. “During the recent years we have worked hard to add functionality to support our customers with quotation management, customer service work flows and professional marketing capabilities”, says Guttorm Nielsen. “Along with our award-winning server version, we also want to offer the same functionality in the cloud. Therefore, our goal is to be able to offer the same functionality to all customers no matter what platform they are on. We are now very close to that goal”, says Nielsen.

Four time winner of Best CRM software award

SuperOffice first won the PC World Best-in-Test in 2009 and has since gone onto win the award in 2011 and 2012 respectively. “We can also see that PC World addresses Social CRM for the first time in the test. We are looking forward to showing how we can help our customers in this area in the near future”, says Guttorm Nielsen.

For more information on SuperOffice products, please visit the website.

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7 years ago

Source? I can't find the original article. Sentences from this text appear on no website, least of all PC World's. Searching for SuperOffice on PC World yields nothing. What's up?

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Steven MacDonald

7 years ago

Thanks for the comment, Peter. The award was published in the PC World print magazine. The original source and full details of the best in test review can be found here: