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Is Exposing your App a threat?

7 billion people live in this world today. Over 5 billion of us own a mobile phone or a personal computer. The IT infrastructure and networks of the world are growing and evolving rapidly. 90% of households all over the world have an Internet connection. As a result of this, people can communicate with each other constantly using smartphones, pads or computers. Thus, making us available 24 x 7.


Industries has also noticed the benefits of this. Companies are no longer concerned that people working away from the office are not working. In fact, if anything, people working away tend to work too much..

In today’s market, users want to access their system through various channels and in different situations. A user might want to update his sales forecast from his mobile phone, use his home computer to write a proposal, or make a report when he is on the road with no network available.

So, what are the consequences of all this?

  • Hardware and software vendors need to provide solutions that support this new market situation
  • Industries are challenged to open access to corporate networks from various connections ( VPN, RAS, WEB, SaaS, CITRIX mm) .
  • We find more use of portable devices in everyday work.

If we look back only 5 to 10 years, exposing the corporate applications on the “World Wide Web” would have been unthinkable

So then, is exposing your App considered  risky when it comes to security?

No, this is not considered a security issue! Software is only as secure as the environment it’s running in or the device it’s running on, and of course influenced by how cautious the users are. The security responsibility is It’s divided between various people and different hardware and software vendors. It means that all the involved parties need to do their share.

How have we as a software vendor dealt with it?

Our R&D department has invested a lot of time and money on how we can implement the necessary measures on our end, in our business logic and product portfolio



Key functions that we needed to taken under consideration were:

  • The ability to support and adopt our software to the various technical infrastructures out there.
  • Provide users to access our application from “any” device ( Win, Web, Phones and  Pad’s )
  • Have built-in security and access control which can co-exist with other authentication providers.
  • Flexibility  in our software. To be able to scale from a few users to many.

The actual outcome of this investment was a completely re-written version of our software with focus on these four elements.

And the way we see it,  all software vendors will need to keep up with the constant development of demands and requirements.  Users will continue to demand increasingly  faster, smarter and more secure applications!

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