CRM gives you more sales and more revenue

CRM is proven to generate results. Imagine that your sales team could close an extra 120 deals per year. If your average deal is worth 2.000 EUR, it's an additional 240.000 EUR a year. What impact could CRM have on your business?

Our customers experience these results

Revenue increase

SuperOffice customers see an average of 16% increase in revenue.
2015 SuperOffice Customer Benchmark report

Sales productivity

"With SuperOffice CRM we introduced very efficient workflows that save up to 30% more time when it comes to closing deals”
Knauber Corporate Group

More deals closed

"With SuperOffice CRM we can handle customer inquiries and orders 10-20% faster”
Dialoghaus GmbH

CRM improves sales Why do sales people need CRM?

As a sales person, you’re challenged every single day to sell more and to sell faster. And when you’re juggling a bunch of activities at any given moment, it’s hard to find the time to really focus on the business of selling.

Selling is hard, but what if there was a new way of doing business?

SuperOffice CRM calculator What is your potential revenue increase?

See how much revenue you could get in return when you implement SuperOffice CRM software.

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