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Roelof Janssen CEO

The Challenge

ComPlus Training en Advies B.V. is a Dutch consultancy company founded in 2003. They specialize in Recruitment & Selection, and Training & Coaching.

Their values are: Innovation, Quality, Concerned, Candidate Friendly, and Customized Work. In the area of Recruitment & Selection, the company’s focus is commercial appeal and customer focus. In the area of Training & Coaching they aim for powerful and result oriented processes. The company always tailor-make their work, and focus on efficiency. They specialize in training for employees whose success depend on mentality, behavior, and attitude. The industry ComPlus is active in is very competitive because of a small size and high activity. To give their customers optimal service and help, it is essential that employees can access customer and applicant information as quickly as possible. A lot of time was wasted on finding the right information and finding out who was helping certain customer.

SuperOffice is a very straightforward system that feels intuitive from the first minute.
Roelof Janssen
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The Solution

ComPlus has been using SuperOffice CRM On Premise in their Recruitment and Selection branch, but in 2011 the CEO, Roelof Janssen, decided to transfer to the cloud solution CRM Online. During the search for a suitable CRM system, Janssen had only one wish: It had to be as easy as possible. SuperOffice offers this through its user-friendlyness. .

The Results

With SuperOffice all information is available on one central location. They never lose data and can track all employees' activity at all times.

Thanks to SuperOffice all employees are able to work efficiently, says Janssen. ComPlus use all modules within SuperOffice CRM Online daily. But the company cards and the selection and report module have improved their daily work the most. The company gains quick access to sales and revenue figures using the sales module combined with the selection and report modules. This gives ComPlus a good overview of sales opportunities, and it enhances their chances to reach their target budgets.

  • Centralized information
  • Improves overall efficiency
  • User-friendlyness in use
  • Overview of sales opportinities enhances chances to reach budgets

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