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SuperOffice has changed our sales process in a positive way
Thomas Nickenig Sales Director

The Challenge

The MMV Leasing was founded in 1963 and is one of the first and most renowned leasing companies in Germany.

Additionally to the sales leasing business with recently 4.000 producers and suppliers, there are also many long term contacts to about 55.000 business clients. Every year contracts about mobile economic goods with a clear acquisition value of about 630 Million Euro are closed. Nationwide there are 440 employees to support and to advice. „With our 11 sites we have a nationwide network in Germany” reports Thomas Nickenig.

“About 50% of the employees work in the market area, so to say internal and external sales people. We have a very good IT infrastructure to reproduce our daily business, but an effective front end to support the sales department was missing. The employees only used excel files or small self-made solution, some regional, others superregional. As time went by, the wish of the sales department to find an adequate CRM solution with a centralized database to picture the processes and to make the daily tasks much easier got stronger.”

The sales controlling is standardized among the whole company, the targets more transparent for each employee. This way the daily tasks can be structured and evaluated a lot better.
Thomas Nickenig
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The Solution

At MMV the process of picking a solution started with the help of the market analyst Trovarit AG, through an own created catalog of requirements. „We built a project team and during the process of about 16 weeks we picked out 6 out of 120 providers which came to us to present their solutions. The decision for SuperOffice was definite after a few reference visits and a testing phase of the software”, says Thomas Nickenig.

„The main reason besides the functional and technical requirements was the intuitive handling and user friendliness and attached to this a high user acceptance. The whole sales process within the company is created with the CRM solution. From the first contact to leasing requests all customer information and communication steps are documented.

„We tied SuperOffice to our software environment by using a unidirectional interface, so that we can high efficiently operate in our leasing business and so that all employees can take care of all information within one system. After a pilot phase we have implemented SuperOffice step by step in each of the MMV Leasing subsidiaries. This was guided and supported by the experienced SuperOffice partner BusinessActs GmbH from Cologne.

„The employees of BusinessActs have shown a high competence in all product areas. The communication was exemplary, all agreements were met. At any time we’ve had the feeling that we made the right decision”, Thomas Nickenig points out. At the moment we have 300 users which are working with the SuperOffice solution.

The Results

”SuperOffice has changed our sales process in a positive way“. That’s how Nickenig describes the results.

”We see big value especially in the market area, the internal and external sales service, where we see the benefits of the gained transparency and clarity. The speed with which the employees find data and information has clearly increased. The working processes could be optimized. This is very essential in our industry!

“ The sales department at MMV was built after the dual principle: each sales area is overseen by two employees. There is always an internal and an external sales person building a team and they are the main contact persons for the customer. „By using SuperOffice the market machining could be systemized even more. The load removal of routine work, the integrated processing of once captured information, as well as the access to all information at any time - even when you‘re on the road – increase the efficiency of the sales department and with this also an optimized care of our customers and selling partners“, Thomas Nickenig sums up.

  • Optimized customer care and customer communication
  • Saving of time when looking for information through centralized data storing
  • Reducing of costs in the internal communication
  • Visualizing of the management relevant information