Provided a rapid return on investment
Andrew Vines Customer Service Manager

The Challenge

Bott Ltd is part of the Bott Group, a world-leading manufacturer of workshop equipment, in-vehicle equipment and workplace systems. This UK-based company has dramatically grown over 10 years and now has three sites, employs 314 people and has a turnover of circa £30m.

Prior to using SuperOffice, staff were saving all files on a network of folders in Explorer. As the company outgrew this system, Bott looked for CRM software that would consolidate its distributor and end-user records, track correspondence and archive selected information. One of its primary business objectives was to reduce unproductive administration time.

Other CRM systems were nowhere near as easy to use – so we have stayed with SuperOffice
Andrew Vines
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The Solution

SuperOffice’s CRM system is often used by manufacturers in their resale supply chains. It provides real-time, transparent information so that contacts are directed to the correct channel in all cases.

In Bott’s case, one division operates via a distribution network and another specialises in direct business. SuperOffice is one of the few systems that accommodate both of these business models within the same organisation. The software also gives field- and office-based employees visibility of each other’s actions and customer communications, to increase teamwork efficiency.

As SuperOffice completes testing new features on existing products, it releases them to existing maintenance programme and rental agreement customers. This enables organisations to always have cutting-edge CRM software, without migrating to another provider.

The Results

Ten years on, Bott has remained with SuperOffice.

“As you’d expect, SuperOffice initially saved a huge amount of our workforce’s time. Each time SuperOffice CRM has evolved, so has the way we use it.

“For example, its postcode selection function helps us to geographically group sales and account management visits to optimise travel planning, which reduces costs without compromising customer service,” explained the Customer Services Manager at Bott.

Every four or five years Bott checks the software market to reconfirm that it is still using the best solution for the business and getting good value for money.

“Other CRM systems were nowhere near as easy to use – so we have stayed with SuperOffice,” he added.

SuperOffice monitors direct marketing, recording the return on investment directly generated by each campaign, which has continually improved promotional efficiency. Its diary automatically tracks quotes and ensures they are followed up in a timely fashion.

“Our sales force use SuperOffice’s Pocket CRM, which enables staff to check the most recent conversations, actions and enquiries a few minutes before walking into meetings at dealerships. Their mobile screens are configured to also show customers’ sales-to-date, credit limit and when the site was last visited, which enables our account managers to make informed decisions,” he concluded.

  • Supported 40% of workshop equipment business growth in four years
  • Aided 100% growth in the workshop equipment division in 10 years
  • Provided a rapid return on investment
  • Real-time information for informed decision-making in dealership meetings
  • Gave transparency to avoid misunderstanding between office and remote staff
  • Reduced administration
  • Accurate lead tracking
  • Improved marketing efficiency
  • Ongoing release of new features for continuous improvement

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