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SuperOffice provides optimal customer relationship management

Mario Vissers Business Analyst

The Challenge

Suiker Unie is a supplier of sugar in the Netherlands and surrounding countries for both industrial applications and retail packaging.

Suiker Unie seeks to differentiate itself for its buyers by providing a high-quality service. This includes excellent logistical performance, highly customer-focused account management, accurate information and thorough complaint processing.

Customer information is spread over many locations in a wide range of systems: ERP information in SAP, correspondence locally on workgroup disks and on account managers’ laptops, contact information in Outlook or ‘tucked away’ in the heads of employees. An overview was not easy to get and seemed to take more time to obtain than necessary.

Furthermore, the ability to retrieve this information using a single key (the customer!) and to share it easily was missing. This resulted in inefficiencies within the organization (lots of e-mail messages and telephone calls). The liberalization of the sugar market has meant that customer contact is more intensive than ever before and more and more disciplines are now involved.

SuperOffice provides us with the required customer information for optimal customer relationship management

Mario Vissers Business Analyst

The Solution

In 2006 a CRM project was initiated by Suiker Unie with the purpose of providing central access to this fragmented information.

After a thorough survey of the preferences and requirements of end users, we ultimately selected SuperOffice as the application for implementing this. We have deliberately chosen a phased implementation.

The application has been received with great enthusiasm by the current users and became a fixed asset in their day-to-day business in just six months. We have developed an ingenious method to use SuperOffice to provide a splendid blend of ERP information (made accessible through a SAP portal), on the one hand, and, on the other hand, customer contact information (through the usual SuperOffice setup). Every employee who communicates directly with customers can now access the most up-to-date customer (contact) information.

The Results

SuperOffice has enabled Suiker Unie to communicate even more professionally with the customer.

In internal operations, SuperOffice acts as a bridge by sharing all available information efficiently, without requiring any telephone calls or time-consuming self-created overviews. SuperOffice provides a complete, digital customer record. Building on this foundation, SuperOffice will be our tool to define our structured and differentiated customer relations even more effectively.