We want to exceed expectations. This also includes an excellent service
Anouk Oostvogel Communication manager

The Challenge

Youfone aims to have high quality Sim Only plans available at low prices. To ensure that their customers have reliable network coverage Youfone makes use of the premium KPN network for their Sim only plans.

Youfone’s customer base is rapidly expanding. Because of this success, the number of requests from customers has risen and the workload for customer support has increased exponentially. Handling all these requests efficiently, without changing their existing service processes, has proven to be an impossible task. Therefor Youfone started looking for an automated solution that would help them handle these requests in an efficient, low-cost manner while ensuring the high quality of their customer support.

At Youfone we make sure that our customers can always ask their questions effortlessly and have them promptly answered.
Anouk Oostvogel
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The Solution

All incoming requests are processed in SuperOffice Service.

Customer requests come in through a variety of different channels, like: phone, email, web forms and via the customer portal MyYoufone. There is a real-time connection between the SuperOffice CRM system and Youfone’s own back office. When a customer calls the helpdesk, he is automatically recognised by the system before being connected to one of the support representatives. A window with the customer’s information will immediately pop-up on the support representative’s screen, allowing him to help the customer immediately without having to waste time looking up customer information first. This leads to very efficient response times.

The Results

SuperOffice has been quickly and efficiently deployed within Youfone.

Linking SuperOffice to the existing back office and MyYoufone was effortlessly realized. After a short adjustment period and a bit of training Youfone is handling numerous requests each year with a limited number of agents. The results achieved align with the growth ambitions of Youfone. As icing on the cake Youfone was named the most customer-oriented telecom organization in the Netherlands with an average customer rating of 8.0.