Creating universes: How personal stories help us build relationships

Every business is made by people for people.

We hardly create anything that wasn’t meant for other humans to enjoy or make use of. From music to basic household appliances – most things we create are for other humans.

The same is true with business. What makes a company stand out is often not so much the product or service it offers, but the individuals behind the brand.

I’ve always been fascinated by people and their experiences. People like me. Early on I realized that all I wanted was to help others through what I do.

And that’s what I was drawn to when I joined SuperOffice – a possibility to make a meaningful impact with my work and help businesses to create sustainable and long-lasting relationships with their customers with the help of modern technology.

However, making people’s lives better through technology is not an easy task. It requires dedication and focus. It also requires an effort to humanize technology, make it easy for users, make its functionality relatable to everyday needs, make it change lives for the better…

For that, we need to show the people behind technology. In our case – the people behind SuperOffice CRM!

Creating the circle of trust

As a Marketing Manager I always think what I can improve and suggest in terms of empowering people – allowing them to reach their goals, express themselves and build meaningful connections that last.

To do that, we need, first of all, to communicate with our customers and show them who we are – real, honest, vulnerable, ambitious, and, above all, human.

I see this trend everywhere. Every communication format – from social media to corporate websites – has changed. It’s the real faces and genuine experiences that sell. Because people relate to other people and trust others more when they recognize themselves in them.

More and more companies are sharing everyday experiences, like office routines, team activities, individual initiatives and achievements. This allows their customers to join the “inner circle of trust”. Something that Robert de Niro’s character Jack Byrnes in the movie “Meet the Parents” referred to as the “family circle of trust”. Once you’re in, you know that you’re family.

How can we do that as a business? By telling our own stories!

Let me start.

Finding a way to tell my stories

When I was a child, I never thought I’d work in marketing and communications. My mom always thought I was going to be an accountant because I was good with numbers and loved math. But I was always full of wild ideas (aka stories) that, unfortunately, I was not able to convey through writing or speech… So, they lived on in me.

The very first time I was able to convey one of my ideas was through a board game which I created myself. When I was 9, the game won the first prize in a board game competition. The concept was centered around storytelling, and in order for the game to be played right, players would need to use their imagination and create contexts.

That was my first attempt to create a storytelling experience for others. In my mind I was creating “new universes”.

When I became a teenager, I fell in love with basketball and the whole NBA universe, especially its branding and storytelling. The way they portrayed the games, players, teams, owners, the league, endorsement deals, etc. – for me it was the state-of-the-art communication. Up to this day, I am thrilled about the NBA universe and the great stories of real people it creates.

I grew up, and now I have three lovely children. And it was my first daughter Malaika who was the reason I realized that I wanted to help people through my experiences.

When Malaika was a toddler, I spent a lot of time with her on the playgrounds. Most of the time we were alone, which was pretty lonely. We needed some company. So, I came up with an idea to create a social playdate network for parents with small children – an app where you could physically meet up with friends with kids.

Well… the app was never launched, but from that point on I knew that I wanted to create meaningful things that help people tell their own stories. And marketing and communication were the best fit!

Joining SuperOffice

When I heard of SuperOffice’s sustainability efforts and goals, as well as the focus on creating relationships – I was sold. And in December 2021 I joined the Marketing team of SuperOffice.

At last, there was a company that was in business for something bigger than revenue growth alone. The way SuperOffice builds its brand on relationships between real people appealed to me the most.

Today, while attending to my daily duties – creating targeted marketing activities that help sales, building pipeline, defining target groups, and promoting our brand through external communications, I have one bigger goal in mind at all times – to create a meaningful impact on other people’s lives by empowering them through technology.

As for many of you, it was the recent pandemic that made me realize that relationships (both private and professional) were a vital part of living in general. Sometimes you don’t know what you have until it’s gone. Simple connections became precious.

So, as you understood by now – I am always searching for meaningfulness, and SuperOffice CRM could not be a better means for that, as it is not just a software, but a tool for people to connect and grow their relationships into mutually beneficial experiences.

Now, I am in the process of creating a new universe in my role here at SuperOffice. A universe where something as “inhuman” as technology proves that real human relationships matter.

And may the force be with me on this journey! 😆

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