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Steven MacDonald

Steven is an online marketer based in Tallinn, Estonia, Steven has more than ten years experience in the online marketing field and is driven by creating success stories. You can connect with Steven on LinkedIn and Twitter.
Email Marketing KPI Guide

The Email Marketing KPI Guide (with Free Cheat Sheet)

Marketers and customers know that email works. Marketing Sherpa has reported that 60% of marketers believe that email marketing is producing a positive ROI. And according to the Direct Marketing Association (DMA), two thirds of consumers (66%) have made a purchase within the last year as a result of receiving a single email marketing message. […]

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Customer service tactics

Customer Service Tactics to Help You Beat the Competition

Download 3 tips to delivering excellent customer service here Customer service is one of your strongest assets, but are you doing all you can to keep customers happy? Despite the advance in technology and new ways that consumers shop, good old-fashioned customer service is still highly valued. According to a 2013 survey by O2 published […]

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SuperOffice blog posts 2014

Top 10 Most Read SuperOffice Blog Posts in 2014

We hope you have had a great year! And as 2014 comes to an end, we have rounded up ten of your favorite SuperOffice blog posts from this year and packed them into a single post to make sure you don’t miss any of them, which you can use to can catch up on the […]

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Customer Experience Most Exciting Business Opportunity

7 Ways to Create a Great Customer Experience Strategy

A recent report by Econsultancy for trends in Digital Marketing for 2014 asked companies to indicate the single most exciting opportunity for their organization in 2014. And while mobile, content and conversion rate optimization are all the buzzwords for 2014 but, what do you think is the most exciting opportunity for a business is? If […]

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Customer service horror story

Customer Service Horror Stories – Part II

Poor customer service. We’ve all experienced it, haven’t we? Perhaps we we’re put on hold for too long or, when asking for a refund, we were declined. We know that poor customer service is expensive (costing the US economy more than $41 billion) and that when a customer has a negative experience, more than half […]

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CRM Software is The Secret Ingredient to Increasing Revenue

The Secret Ingredient to Increasing Revenue

When most people think of CRM, they think of a place to store all of their customer information. And while it’s easy to get caught up in implementation, cost and customization, the key to CRM is in its data – And actionable data. This powerful data allows you to get more sales for your business. […]

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Secrets to Sales Success

3 Powerful Secrets to Sales Success

In today’s competitive world, only the strong companies survive. And in order to survive, you need to keep your sales force on top of their game. In the current economic climate, there’s a lot of attention on how companies can improve their business results; whether through increased efficiency, product development, acquisitions and more. Yet, there’s […]

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Six Tips to Create Better Customer Loyalty

Six Tips to Creating Better Customer Loyalty

The cost of keeping an existing customer is around five to ten times less than the cost of acquiring a new one. Economically, this makes sense, but how do you improve customer retention and increase profitability? The answer is to create better customer loyalty. All customers, no matter the business, continuously compare on price, service […]

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CRM User Adoption Rates

How to Get Your Organization to Fall in Love with Your CRM Software

Your organization purchases and implements a CRM system. It is promised that this new CRM software will improve customer relationships, increase customer loyalty and thus, grow revenue. Right? Unfortunately, it’s not that easy. In the real world, you quickly find that very few colleagues use the software and customer information quickly becomes outdated. No one […]

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reasons for opening emails

Email Marketing Myths Debunked

More than 294 billion emails are sent every single day and it’s no surprise then that as a consumer, you can expect to receive 2.5 promotional emails per week. As with each marketing tactic, myths grow greater over time. They may start out with some truth but as time goes by, they can grow into […]

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