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Steven MacDonald

Steven is a guest blogger for SuperOffice. With more than ten years experience in the online marketing field, Steven is driven by creating success stories. You can connect with Steven on LinkedIn and Twitter.

How to Create a Customer Centric Strategy For Your Business

A customer-centric company is more than a company that offers good service. Both Amazon and Zappos are prime examples of brands that are customer centric and have spent years creating a culture around the customer and their needs. Their commitment in delivering customer value is genuine – In fact, Zappos is happy to fire employees [...]

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Customers are willing to pay up to 25% more for a better service

12 Amazing CRM Charts You Don’t Want To Miss

CRM software is one of the most effective tools you can use in your organization as it can help you nurture and enhance customer relationships. Those of you who have successfully implemented a CRM know how valuable it can be, but there are many businesses who still have yet to adopt a CRM. This could [...]

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customer service templates for every business

7 Customer Service Email Templates For Every Business

Did you know that the #1 reason customers leave a company is because they think you don’t care about them? Brands like Amazon and Zappos have built billion dollar empires based on delivering superior customer service. And while 80% of brands feel are delivering great service, consumers tend to disagree. In fact, only 8% of [...]

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email volume customer-service software

A Decade of Launching Customer Service Software (and Lessons Learned)

I joined Hurtigruten in 2009 and became immediately involved with implementing Hurtigruten’s new customer service software. Prior to Hurtigruten I was responsible for implementing eGain (now, Cisco) ticket management software at Entraction (now, IGT) and as Hurtigruten had yet to implement such a system when I joined, I was invited to lead the project. Fast [...]

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digital marketers top priorities 2013

89% of Businesses Make the Same Email Marketing Mistake

Out of 100 marketers, 89 are making the same mistake. Are you making the same mistake? This mistake is giving email marketing a bad name and by not making this mistake you can increase email marketing revenue and deliver better value for your email subscribers. And the best news is that you can change this [...]

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buyers guide to CRM

The Buyer’s Guide to CRM

CRM is the heart of any business. CRM can help drive sales, support marketing activity and boost productivity but how do you go from the initial CRM discussions to CRM implementation and then on to using your CRM to improve your business? There are many CRM guides on the web but you will not find [...]

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superoffice posts top 10 2013

Top 10 Most Read SuperOffice Blog Posts in 2013

As 2013 draws to a close, we have rounded up your favorite SuperOffice blog posts from this year and packed them into a single post to make sure you didn’t miss any of them. We’ll start from the 10th most popular post and work down towards the most read blog post of 2013. 10. The [...]

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b2b buying behavior

3 Simple Ways to Get Started with Digital Sales

The world has become a digital paradise. Online sales are growing 10x faster than offline sales and the number of mobile devices is expected to exceed the world’s population by 2014 to reach 7.4 billion. Your potential customers are already comparing your brand with the competition and 70% of B2B buying process happens online, which [...]

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Customer Service Horror Stories That Will Give You Nightmares

Did you know that poor customer service costs the US economy $83 billion? And 80% of businesses believe they have delivered “superior” customer service whereas only 8% of customers believe they’ve received a super service. In 2011, ClickFox surveyed more than 440 consumers and found that 52% of customers will tell their family and friends [...]

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10 CRM Facts That Are Guaranteed To Impress Your Boss

CRM, or customer relationship management as it’s more commonly known as, has helped many organizations nurture and enhance customer relationships. When used effectively, CRM can be one of your most valuable assets but due to the impact of either cost and/or resources that are required to implement the solution, you need to first get buy [...]

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