Three ways to nurture leads and get the best out of your prospects

Most leads are not ready to buy and 90% of leads go cold within 60 minutes of leaving your website.

Lead nurturing is a lot more than a “one size fits all” system of monthly newsletters. Successful lead nurturing is about delivering personalized, relevant content that keeps your prospect engaged. A lead nurturing strategy can help build a strong brand before a prospect enters the buying process. Here are three steps to help take your lead nurturing program to the next level.

Lead management nuturing

1.  Identify your prospects needs

If your business markets different products, then you will lose high quality leads if you send the same message to your entire database. Segment campaigns by product interest, content download or a webinar registration to identify needs and challenges. Ensure data is accurate as the better you understand your potential customers, the better result you will achieve.

2. Deliver relevant content

Lead nurturing is about moving your prospect from one stage of the buying process to the next. Each prospect will be in a different stage and has different needs. Deliver content designed specifically to focus on where your prospect is in the buying cycle and as they move from stage to the next, they will eventually be ready to buy.

3. Stay in touch

When a prospect asks you to contact them again later in the year, a note within your CRM system is usually saved and marked as “Contact again in six months”. Ask for permission to stay in contact with the prospect without being too pushy. Send personal invites to webinars or share high quality blog posts and articles. By maintaining contact, you increase your customer relationship and stay top of mind for when they are ready to listen.

Any business can be successful by generating leads but you are wasting time and resources if you do not implement a successful lead nurturing strategy. Lead nurturing will help you build stronger relationships and add both trust and credibility to your prospects and when they are ready to buy; it will be your business they contact.

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