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Premium Support Addendum

This agreement is valid from 31.03.2023

This Agreement is an Addendum to the SuperOffice CRM Online Master Subscription Agreement (MSA). The terms of this Addendum supersede the terms of Chapter 6, section 2 in the MSA . When entering into the Premium Support Agreement, please observe that the terms for Support as stated in Chapter 6 of the MSA are still in effect, except for section two.

The Premium Support Agreement is an extension of the SuperOffice support services that includes extended opening hours, specified service levels on SuperOffice’s time to reply, and structured follow-up and reporting on the support services delivered.

Premium Support also includes online case submission – via the CRM Online Service or via the SuperOffice Customer Community.

Premium Support – Extended Opening Hours

  •  Working Days 07.00 – 21.00 CET
    • UK 06.00 – 20.00 GMT
  • Weekends 10.00 – 20.00 CET
    • UK 09.00 – 19.00 GMT

Working days are all workdays except 24, 25 and 26 December, New Year’s Day and Easter Day.

Critical phoneline

Premium Support customers are entitled to support phoneline for critical Requests during normal and extended business hours both on weekdays (07:00 – 21:00 CET) and weekends (10:00 – 20:00 CET). Registration of a support request via Inn-app or Help Center is still required except for situations when the platform is down/when these tools are not reachable.

Support phoneline is accessible when dialing to local office phone number and choosing option #1 for support.

Classification of Requests

When a support request is submitted by the customer it must include a Severity Level Classification. The Classification shall be made in accordance with the table below. Only requests registered via the Help / Support function in the product or via the Customer Centre Portal shall count against the service level. Other sources (email, chat, telephone) will not be included in measurement of the service level.

The Requests shall be classified according to the table below.

Severity Level Description Example of issues
Critical A Request should be categorized with the priority "Critical" if the problem has very serious consequences for normal business processes or IT processes related to core business processes. Urgent work cannot be performed. No users can log in to the system. Users cannot open or create documents. Customer is reporting large amount of lost data. Emails are not being imported into Service Module. Emails are not being sent from Services/Mailings. Poor performance – system unavailable for practical purposes.

A request should be categorized with the priority "Medium" if normal business processes are affected. The problem is caused by incorrect or inoperable functions in the SuperOffice service.

I have a technical problem


A request should be categorized with the priority "Normal" if the problem has little or no effect on normal business processes or relates to seeking assistance on finding out how to perform a function. The problem is caused by incorrect or inoperable functions in the SuperOffice service that are not required daily or are rarely used by the Customer.

I would like to know how to perform a task

For avoidance of doubt the classification shall be based on the description of the Request and not limited to the examples that are given in the table above. 

Premium Support Service Levels

The Time to Reply is the time duration from when a Request has been registered in the SuperOffice Request Management System until SuperOffice starts acting to resolve the Request. The Time to Reply is calculated within the Extended Opening Hours.

For the avoidance of doubt, the Time to Reply is not the same as the resolution time. Resolution time would be the time frame, starting from when a Request has been registered via the correct channel, until it has been resolved. Premium Support does not include service levels on resolution time. SuperOffice always seeks to minimize the resolution time as far as possible.

Severity Level Time to Reply
Critical 1 hour
Medium 4 hours
Normal 12 hours

Follow-up and Reporting 

Follow Up Meetings on Critical Requests after resolution

After resolution of a Critical Request, SuperOffice Support agent will contact the Customer, to explain the root cause and resolution and to give guidance around any measures to be taken to avoid the problem reoccurring.

Quarterly Report

Premium Support includes a quarterly report containing information about the past quarter’s Requests, Response Times and other statistics.

General terms for SuperOffice support

If SuperOffice fails to deliver on the guaranteed response time, and Customer has followed the defined rules for reporting the Premium Support Request, Customer can claim a proportionate reduction of the subscription fee calculated for the month in which the Request was filed in the support system.

The reduction is calculated against the monthly subscription fee for Premium Support, based on the delay in response per hour relative to the number of Premium Service opening hours which is 344 hours per month.

Reduction = (Delay in hours (rounded up)/344 hours)*Monthly subscription fee for Premium Support.