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    Passionate about global issues

    Naturally, people of SuperOffice discuss global issues every day. We talk about social, political, health and environmental challenges that humanity faces at large. But a couple of years ago we decided to take a closer look at what’s going on, and we asked our employees what humanitarian initiatives get their attention, in other words “what matters” to them most.

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    A need to engage in things that matter

    What have always mattered to the people of SuperOffice is the way we simplify our customers’ lives with our product. After a while, we decided to look for other people, who needed our help in simplifying their lives too. This is why our shareholders, management and employees decided that we needed to engage with local organizations doing good things for the less fortunate people. Also, we decided to reach out to the organizations that are engaged in non-political and non-profit activities aimed at making life easier for people or animals in challenging situations.

  • The result is our Do Stuff That Matters program

    We realized that what we can do is offer a solution that simplifies things that matter. Our CRM solutions help organizations become more professional, structured, effective and, in the end, more successful at what they do. The truth is that non-profit organizations who try to help others often have limited funds, yet they have exactly the same needs as any other professional business – they too need to automate and digitize their operations, and overall work smarter. And that’s how the program Do Stuff That Matters was born.

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    The essence of our initiative

    The Do Stuff That Matters program offers free usage of our cloud solution – SuperOffice CRM Online – to an organization with up to 30 users for a period of 3 years. The offer includes 5 days of free consultancy performed by our top professionals who will help an organization to get started. Each year, we accept one new organization in each market that we operate in. Our aim is to make a real difference by creating a more efficient and structured work process for a non-profit, non-political humanitarian organization, because at SuperOffice, we are proud to simplify things that matter! To apply, please email info@superoffice.com with your organization’s name, contact information and a summary of your needs related to the help you need in simplifying your daily work with a CRM system.