CRM software designed with privacy in mind

As of May 25, 2018, the new EU privacy regulation called the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will come into effect, requiring all businesses to comply with the new privacy rules or risk hefty fines. New GDPR specific features in SuperOffice CRM will help you to administer your purposes for storing, communicating and acting with your customers.

Consent management

Store and manage consents

In the new world of GDPR, businesses have to have a reason for storing someone’s personal data, and in certain cases, this also has to be documented. Use SuperOffice CRM to register what consents you have for each person in your database, when and how you got the consent and who registered it. The system also lets you log the legal basis.

Subscription management

Let customers tell you what they want to receive

Keep track of the different types of communication someone has said “yes” to receive from you. Specific features ensure that you do not send e-marketing communication to persons who have not given their permission for you to do so.

Access management

Decide who gets to see what

Sharing information is core in a CRM solution but there may be information not everyone in your company should have access to. Set rules on who in your company gets to see certain information and what they are allowed to do with it.

Incident management

Report and handle data breaches

As a company, it is your responsibility to ensure that your customers’ data stays private. When there is a breach, GDPR mandates that personal data incidents are reported and handled promptly. Configure and use SuperOffice Service and you have the ideal tool to capture and handle incidents in an intelligent way.

Additional features Your GDPR-ready CRM system

Protect and manage customer data. Build deeper trust and increase the number of loyal customers and brand ambassadors.

  • Privacy by design

    Privacy is not something that is to be added onto an existing application, but is built into the core architecture and functionality. Rest assured that we have a strong focus on privacy in all phases of our development processes.
  • Secure storage (ISO 27001)

    GDPR encourages ISO 27001 certification to show that information security is taken seriously at all levels of the organization. Data stored in SuperOffice CRM Online – our SaaS offering – is protected by a ISO 27001 certified Information Security Management System. All data is stored in Europe.
  • Bulk update

    If you import a lot of data into SuperOffice CRM, use this feature to help you get this data GDPR-ready.

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