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The Buyer’s Guide to CRM

The Buyer’s Guide to CRM (New Chapter)

Update: We've updated the Buyer's guide for 2018. Click here to read more.


CRM is the heart of any business. CRM can help drive sales, support marketing activity and boost productivity but how do you go from the initial CRM discussions to CRM implementation and then on to using your CRM to improve your business?

There are many CRM guides on the web but you will not find any guide that breaks down each process into easy to manage steps. Because of this, we’ve created the Buyer’s Guide to CRM. It’s taken us 6 months to write it, but it’s now live.

Here’s what we have covered in the buyer’s guide:

Chapter 1: Introduction – A breakdown on what you will learn in the CRM buyers' guide.

Chapter 2: What is CRM? – A simplified explanation of customer relationship management.

Chapter 3: Why is CRM so important to your business now? - In this section, we will be getting into why CRM is so popular.

Chapter 4: How Does CRM Work? – CRM is more than just a word or a tool, it’s a philosophy.

Chapter 5: The Top 8 Things a CRM System Can Do for You– We’ll look at how CRM can benefit your business.

Chapter 6: How to Choose the Right CRM Solution for Your Business – There are thousands of solutions out there, from cloud to on premise. This section will help you choose the right solution.

Chapter 7: Things to Consider When Evaluating CRM Vendors– Once you decide on which solution you want, you need to find a vendor. We’ll help you shortlist a vendor.

Chapter 8: Measuring the Success of CRM – CRM is not a tool that you implement and then leave alone. We’ll show you how you can measure the success of your CRM project.

Bonus 1: You will also get FREE KPI (key performance indicator) templates on how to measure the success of sales, marketing and customer service improvements

Bonus 2: You will also get a FREE checklist that includes more than 25 questions you can ask during a reference call.

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Once you have read the guide, we hope that you find it easier to implement your CRM strategy. We’ll continue to update the guide as we find new tactics that help simplify the CRM process. If you find anything we need to update, feel free to leave a comment below.

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