Want to Help the Planet? Clean up Your Inbox!

Most of us want to do our best to heal the environment and stop global warming. But did you know that you can create positive change just by spending a few minutes cleaning up your own data?

Today marks the beginning of the international Digital Cleanup period and at SuperOffice we want to warm up by focusing on what we do best – data management.

Digital Cleanup Day (which is technically not a day, but rather a period) launches today, 1st of October, and runs until the 20th of March 2022. The global movement encourages everyone to create a greener future by cleaning up digital waste, and we want to help spread the word by talking digital trash!

Each year the internet and the services that support it produce 900 million tons of CO2.

This means that every time you’re in an online meeting, write a “thank you” email or stream a new Netflix show you’re taking part in this sad statistic.

Luckily, there’s something you can do about it.

Because no matter where you are, you can help by cleaning up your devices and getting rid of digital trash. It only takes a few minutes, it’s good for the environment, and let’s face it – it makes navigating your devices and digital achieves a whole lot easier.

Here are three easy ways for you to help:

  • Archives are key: Cleaning up your data is all about keeping what’s important and getting rid of the rest. So, spend a few minutes archiving your important emails and delete them from your inbox. This way you’re not using data on keeping the same email in two places – and you’re only keeping what really matters!
  • Take out the trash: A lot of the data we use is not even visible to us. That’s why setting up your trashcan to be emptied automatically and deleting the deleted folder in your email, can free up a lot of space and help you get rid of the digital trash you have no use for anymore.
  • Unsubscribe for a cleaner life: The last easy way to help is simply by hitting “unsubscribe”. So many of us are getting newsletters we no longer have use for. By hitting “unsubscribe” you can help the planet and create a cleaner inbox. And if you’re a SuperOffice CRM user our systems clean up your un-subscribers and other unnecessary data automatically, which is good for both GDPR purposes and for the planet!

Now you’re all set up and ready to help heal the environment and free up data. If you want to make the cleanup an annual tradition – and we really think that you should – remember to mark your calendar and visit www.digitalcleanup.com for inspiration. By having a cleanup as one of your online habits, you can lower your CO2 footprint in just a few minutes.

It’s time to take out our digital trash.

Happy digital cleanup from SuperOffice!

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