Download our brand new 2024 CRM Buyer's Guide

Download our brand new 2024 Buyers Guide

SuperOffice European CRM Tour is back! This time we invite business leaders to come together and find the best ways to navigate change and use it in their favor.

During a half-day event you will learn why it’s important to adopt a new approach to sales, change your customer focus, embrace lifecycle marketing, and harness the power of the new AI-powered technology.

Join our European CRM Tour CHANGE 2024 designed to help B2B companies like yours shift gears and chart a course to sustainable growth.


Stockholm, Copenhagen, Oslo



About the event

Change is the only constant in life. And today’s turbulent economic times require us to change yet again the way we lead, work, prioritize, and build our roadmap to success. There’s simply no time left to “wait and see”. Change must start now!


If you’re a manager responsible for business growth and the go-to-market strategy, then SuperOffice European CRM Tour CHANGE 2024 is a perfect fit for you.

You will learn how to:

  • Activate full-cycle growth marketing. Learn how to develop a comprehensive growth strategy that considers the entire customer journey – shift your marketing’s focus from lead generation only to lifecycle marketing.
  • Embrace the power of innovation. Learn how to leverage modern technologies like AI and automation to work smarter, not harder.
  • Fuel growth through loyal customers. Discover how to move beyond new business acquisition and one-off sales tactic and focus on growing existing customer relationships.
  • Shift your mindset to see the big picture. Learn to think beyond immediate fixes by developing strategies for long-term growth.



Get practical tips and demonstrations on how to use change in your favor and increase your business agility.

Draw inspiration from a host of exciting motivational speakers and business professionals, each offering unique expertise that makes a real impact.

Network with other business leaders and potential partners, enjoy a great show at an amazing venue, and have fun!

No need to travel – we come where you are! Meet us in Sweden, Denmark and Norway.