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Terms of Service/Consent

This is the Terms of Service/Consent between SuperOffice AS and Customer, regarding the activation of “Database Mirroring Service” in the SuperOffice CRM Online environment.

SuperOffice CRM Online offers an internet-based service that will allow a copy of the Customer’s Database to be created outside the SuperOffice Online environment – i.e. to an external location not controlled by SuperOffice AS.

The Database Mirroring service is available to the Customer either as a separate payable service or as a service included in a certified Application in the SuperOffice App Store. The copy (the mirror) is a subset of the data in a read-only mode for data-intense processes such as reporting and analytics.

By accepting this agreement, the Customer consents to the activation of such a service under the conditions described below.

  • The Customer has approved the Receiver of the database copy. The Receiver can be the Customer or a 3rd party (Partner).
  • The Customer and Partner is responsible for all Security & Privacy measures regarding storage of the copied data.
  • If the copied data is stored with a Partner, it is the Customers responsibility to sign Agreements regarding all aspects of Security & Privacy of the copied data.
  • SuperOffice AS is not – in any form or kind - responsible for the data copied from the SuperOffice CRM Online environment onto an external location.

By accepting this agreement, you provide SuperOffice the authority to activate the database Mirroring Service” under the conditions as described above. The Customer can revoke this right at any time by sending a written notification to SuperOffice AS ( SuperOffice AS will then stop all updates of the copy to the external location. The Customer and Partner are responsible for agreeing actions to remove the external copy from the Customer or Partner location.