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Download our brand new 2024 Buyers Guide

Managing customer information in SuperOffice

In this demo we will show you how easy managing your customer information can be.

Using SuperOffice we will show you how you:

  • Can create a new contact from scratch;
  • Update a new contact with his or her information;
  • And find the contact to see the relationship before you respond to a request.

At a networking event Abigail Hart has just met a new potential customer and wants to add the contact details into her CRM.

Before creating a new contact she searches the database to see if there is a contact there. As a company name was not found she simply adds the new contact details from the business card she was given.

Abigail sees in her inbox that she has received an e-mail from another prospect she recently spoke to.

She and Didrik have discussed the topic of digital marketing and he is interested in receiving Bridgecom’s newsletter about this topic.

Didrik sent her an e-mail to confirm and when Abigail archives his e-mail she also automatically updates the contact information with Didrik’s e-mail address.

Using SuperOffice she adds the e-mail address and archives the correspondence directly into the database. Abigail then adds to Didrik’s profile that he wants to be part of the e-mailing programme.

Next, Abigail receives a phone call from Jake Lee. She sees that Jake is not her customer, but he is an important client to Bridgecom.

Jake wants the latest proposal from her colleague to be resent to him since Jane is out of the office at the moment.

Abigail checks all the latest correspondence with Jake and quickly finds what he wants and sends it to him.

You have now learned:

  • How to create a new contact from scratch quickly and efficiently;
  • Add an update information on your contacts;
  • And get the information you need to respond professionally to all requests.

This is just a small sample of how SuperOffice can help you to improve your contact management.

Please take a look at our other videos to learn more about how SuperOffice can help you be more productive or try it for yourself.