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Managing projects in SuperOffice

SuperOffice Project is a project management tool which allows you to store all your project-related documents in one place.

It helps you to keep track of all your project activities and keeps everyone updated on the latest information in the project.

Everything related to the project is accessible for all team members from any given location.

Today, we will show you how using SuperOffice Project can give you more control over the project you are working on, by:

  • Linking all related projects and resources together;
  • Connecting all team members involved in a project;
  • Ensuring that everyone is updated on the newest information; and
  • Making it easy for all to access the project information.

Jane is in charge of launching a marketing campaign targeted towards the company’s existing customers. This project contains several sub-projects, such as concept development, design, media planning, and production.

A lot of Jane’s colleagues, as well as other stakeholders, are involved in this campaign. Jane wants to make sure that all the parties involved are connected and everyone has access to critical documents and updated information.

The first thing Jane does is to create her main project for the campaign.

Then, she creates a number of sub-projects.

Finally, she links these projects together so that everything related to the launch campaign is easy to find. In this way she gets the full control of the project.

Jane then adds the project members, specifying their roles and outlining their project responsibilities. This allows all team members to know who is doing what in the project.

Project members are now able to connect all activities to the relevant project headings, including documents.

For example, when Jane archives a document from her e-mail inbox, she links the document to the relevant project, and it is available for everyone to see. This makes it easy to access and find information anytime during and after the project is finished.

Working with projects in SuperOffice allows Jane to communicate effectively.

Directly from the project, she can send an e-mail to all project members reminding them about the next project update meeting.

Once the meeting is finished, Jane uploads the notes into the project along with the presentations and an updated activity list. This ensures that everything is now kept in one place for everyone to see.

We have now shown you how you can:

  • Link all related projects and resources together;
  • Connect all team members involved in a project;
  • Ensure that everyone is updated on the newest information; and,
  • Make it easy for all to access the project information.

This was just a small sample on how SuperOffice helps you to be more efficient.

Please take a look at our other videos to learn more about how SuperOffice can help you be more productive or try it for yourself.