Download our brand new 2024 CRM Buyer's Guide

Download our brand new 2024 Buyers Guide

Driving growth through sales and service alignment

In today's hyper-competitive business landscape, exceptional customer service isn't just a support function, it's a game-changer for sales professionals.

In this webinar, we dive into the importance of a smooth customer journey for both sales and customer service teams. You’ll get valuable insights on how to make the most out of the opportunities that arise along the customer journey.

We are joined by Camilla H. Bommen, Country Commercial Director at SuperOffice Norway, and Pål Vestre, Sales Manager, Cloud Connection AS, who shares their best tips on how to align sales and customer service.

Watch the recording to learn:

  • The importance of customer service and the customer journey
  • Challenges that arise when sales and customer service are not aligned
  • How to turn customer service into a sales advantage
  • Tips on how to align sales and customer service