Download our brand new 2024 CRM Buyer's Guide

Download our brand new 2024 Buyers Guide

SUPERCHARGE YOUR SALES STRATEGY: How to build a winning sales culture

In this webcast, you will learn how you can use sales strategy and CRM to create a winning sales culture, cultivate it over time, and improve your team’s performance.

By the end, you’ll leave with some actionable tips to implement in your CRM system and achieve better results for your business.

We are joined by Camilla Heidenreich Bommen, Commercial Country Director at SuperOffice Norway and Sindre Haaland, Founder and CEO of SalesScreen, and discuss:

  • What is a good sales culture, and why is it so important?
  • How do you build a winning sales culture and what steps do you take?
  • 7 practical tips to start motivating the sales team and lift their performance using a CRM system.