The CRM platform to unite your whole company

SuperOffice helps you put your customers in the center of your business by using one tool to manage all touchpoints. Gather all teams around one goal – creating great customer experiences.

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Experience the versatility of SuperOffice: a user-friendly CRM platform that unifies sales, marketing, and customer care teams across the entire buyer journey – from promising prospects to loyal customers.

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    A CRM your teams will love using

    Dive right into an intuitive and flexible CRM solution made for your team wherever you are on your digital transformation journey, fitting right into your team's existing tool stack and processes.

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    Achieve more together

    Improve and align your marketing, sales, and customer service strategies with centralized data. Craft targeted campaigns, surpass sales targets, expedite customer support – and delight.

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    One tool, big results

    Get started easily and see instant results with SuperOffice CRM. Jump straight into ready-made workflows, searches, and dashboards. Access centralized data for better alignment, efficiency, and productivity.

Everything you need in a CRM

Unlock efficiency with integrated tools, insightful dashboards, customizable workflows, centralized data, and collaborative workflows. Your all-in-one solution for success.

Email and documents integration

Use all your daily tools completely in-sync with SuperOffice:

  • Create CRM activities such as follow-ups and tickets directly from your inbox
  • Automatically save all your presentations, quotes, and documents to SharePoint
  • Seamless integrations to hundreds of business software through the App Store


Stay in the loop and maintain control over the complete customer journey:

  • Make use of out-of-the box reports to create KPI dashboards
  • Leverage and gain insights from real-time sales, marketing, and service data
  • Stay on top of your sales pipeline by comparing your results against targets


Structure your approach to sales and projects by creating step-by-step guides: 

  • Minimize set-up time with out-of-the-box workflows
  • Customize workflows according to your company’s best practices
  • Automate ticketing workflows with if-this-then-that logic


Ensure GDPR compliance across all customer communications:

  • Storage and handling of all types of customer consent
  • Communicate exclusively with customers who have granted their consent
  • All data stored in Europe

More tools for all teams

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    Mobile CRM

    Get the most out of SuperOffice CRM wherever you are with our mobile CRM. Be ready when a prospect calls, instantly answer requests, and add new contacts to your pipeline directly from your mobile device with our business card scanner.

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    Project management

    Organize activities and documents, such as marketing campaigns or sales initiatives in projects to track all contacts, stakeholders, and activities across the entire customer journey.

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    Find and select

    Turn CRM data into your competitive edge. Use existing segmentation lists to readily find sales, open requests, contacts, and projects. Even better – build your own custom lists!