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marketing features

SuperOffice CRM gives you tools to capture more, high-quality leads through web forms and targeted email marketing. Reach your target groups better and initiate meaningful conversations that convert into business.

Gather all your leads in one place

No matter the source – either a web form, an incoming email, a trade show, or a direct mail list, SuperOffice CRM allows you to import and store all information on your leads in one central place, making it simple to create personalized and more accurate target lists.

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Make it easy to get in touch

Build professionally-looking web forms to start conversations and harvest more leads. With no coding required, forms in SuperOffice let you gather high quality data, automatically update your CRM database, and create targeted follow-up actions.

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Target your market

Selections help you create your target lists based on a wide range of criteria, such as contact information, activities, projects and sales opportunities.

Crush your campaign results

Integrated reports give you insights into how your email campaign can be improved for the next time. Test other visuals, copy or subject lines. You can also take out reports on who has clicked on what so that you can create additional targeted mailings.

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Personalize your messages

Send personalized newsletters, campaigns and operational messages to a large number of customers and tailor the content based on your customers’ interests. Choose from a library of ready-made design templates or create your own.

Marketing features

Case Stories

Although sophisticated, SuperOffice is incredibly easy to use.

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