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Packed with features that will make you smile big and perform even better, SuperOffice offers you powerful sales features to help you improve your forecasting accuracy, manage your pipeline and simply, close more deals. You can even create quotes and place orders with a single click.

Follow the recipe for best results

Use the Sales Guide to create a defined sales process based on your company’s best practices and generate better results. With the SuperOffice Sales Guide, your entire sales team will always know when to do what.

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Never lose track of a deal

Make sure all your hard work helps you to reach your revenue targets. Use SuperOffice to track every opportunity in your pipeline from beginning to end. Closely monitor deals, build accurate pipeline and forecasts and improve your performance.

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Helps you to focus on all the right things

With handy to-do lists and smart automated alerts, the Sales Secretary will keep you updated on which sales activities you have planned in the near future and what sales related tasks are overdue.

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Turn prospects into customers

When prospects visit your website, they will have questions about your product or service. SuperOffice Chat allows you to answer any questions immediately by digitally holding their hand, helping them overcome objections and reaching a buying decision - all while they are is still on your website.

Quote. Click. Close.

It’s the SuperOffice way of closing more deals. All sales people need to create quotes and with SuperOffice, it’s easy. Create quotes, manage versions, get approvals and even place orders with a simple click. Did we just see you smile?

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Transform unknown website visitors into leads

Most of the time you don’t know who, when and why they visited your website. Leadexplorer is a tool that identifies those anonymous visitors, tracks what they are looking at and measures their engagement. It takes a click to import the most engaged companies to SuperOffice CRM and give your sales a list of hot leads to work on.

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Sales features

Case Stories

30% increase in sales productivity by optimizing workflows in SuperOffice.

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