Introducing the SuperOffice Sustainability Vision

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At SuperOffice we’re all about turning our words into actions. Nowhere is this more important than when it comes to sustainability. We don’t just want to talk about it, we want to act on it. For that reason, we have created a sustainability vision for our company.

To create a thought-out and ambitious vision our hard-working sustainability committee has been looking into how we are performing when it comes to sustainability and how we can improve for the future. The committee consists of passionate employees from across SuperOffice whose joined efforts and collaboration with management have resulted in a sustainability report, an ESG initiative, and a new vision for SuperOffice that we are proud to present.

From now on, we promise to live up to our obligations, report on our improvements, and live up to our vision:

“SuperOffice does not contribute to climate change. We are carbon negative, active in reducing inequality and
transparent about sustainability reporting.”

The SuperOffice Sustainability vision

As you can tell, we believe in making a positive impact and owning up to our responsibilities. That’s why we are implementing sustainability into every aspect of SuperOffice, by considering how our business affects our customers, our co-workers, and the general society.

With this as the starting point, our sustainability committee has gathered information, interviewed experts, and worked within the UN global goals and the ESG framework to turn our words into actions. Working with ESG means creating a policy within these three areas:

  • Environmental
  • Social
  • Governance

The three topics that constitute the ESG framework are our focus points for creating and driving change. A change we are committed to making, and a change we hope will inspire others.

“We want to lead the pack of our industry when it comes to sustainability.”
Erlend Mohus, Head of Sustainability

Environmental action: Helping the planet every impactful step of the way

The first part of the ESG framework is centered around driving environmental change. It is all about looking after our planet taking a stand on climate change, and making sure we don’t just talk, but act to build a greener future.

It’s no secret that software is built on code and that code determines data. That’s why one of our key goals is to create a sustainable code to lower pollution. Luckily, SuperOffice is based on a cloud-only business model, meaning that we don’t occupy unnecessary physical space for storing our data. Instead, we keep as much as possible in the cloud.

But we don’t just operate alone. We work with a line of hosting partners, and even though we’re not directly responsible for their carbon footprint, we have made the conscious decision to only work with partners who are working actively on reducing emissions. With this initiative, we aim to push our partners to do better, and to inspire other players in the software industry to follow our example.

SuperOffice is, of course, more than a software company. We’re a place of work for hundreds of people. As a modern workspace, our aim is to consume only renewable energy, watch our power consumption, and locate our offices in modern buildings built with an eye for sustainability. When it comes to the trip to work and back home, we are implementing electric company cars to ensure that our colleagues’ commute is both safe and environmentally friendly.

SuperOffice has 11 different offices spread across Northern Europe, and even though we love cooperating across country borders, we’re reducing travel by increasing online meetings and prioritizing our travel activity. Over the last few years, the pandemic has taught us how much online solutions can do for our community. These solutions help us lower our emissions, and the fact that they also provide us with options and flexibility is a well-received bonus!

We want all these initiatives to prove that SuperOffice is committed to taking the necessary steps to save the planet. We believe that change starts right here, right now, and it starts with us. That’s why we are happy to do our part – as a software company and as a workspace – to reduce our emissions by 50% by 2025.

Social responsibility: Minding the community

In the middle of the ESG framework, you find the word “social”. Being socially sustainable is about considering the people around you. For us, it’s centered around caring for our customers, our partners, and our colleagues, as well as driving a business where diversity and inclusion are always at the core.

At SuperOffice, we believe in the power of a healthy work environment. That’s why we’re constantly building a space where everyone feels included. This includes everything from offering flexible work hours and health insurance to focusing on mental health and helping each other obtain a harmonious work-life balance. We believe that you shouldn’t leave your personality behind when you come to work, and it’s our responsibility to create a workspace where everyone is respected for their differences, interests, and challenges.

Going forward, we will build an even more inclusive and diverse SuperOffice. We are actively working on evening out the gender balance to ensure a minimum of 40% of both genders throughout our business. How do we get there? By recruiting without discriminating, assembling a diverse team, and making sure everyone is judged exclusively on their skills and personality. As we grow as a company, we plan to hire even more talented people, who will contribute with their distinct perspectives, different backgrounds, and unique experiences.

Diversity and inclusion is just as important in our interactions with our customers as it is with our colleagues. That’s why we are happy to build software that considers our customers’ disabilities and challenges.

“We have a lot of different customers. We need to make sure they are all
able to use our products.”
Jonas Kallan Langvad, Team Lead for Account Management in SuperOffice DK

By working actively with WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) and designing a user interface that meets the needs of individuals with disabilities, we are offering a solution available for all types of users. No matter what challenges you’re facing, we want to help you drive your business forward with support from the best CRM solution on the market.

Governance, transparency, and accountability

The last part of the ESG framework focuses on governance. It’s about how we organize ourselves as a business. How we share our decisions with our colleagues, customers, and the rest of the world by being transparent. And how we make sure that we are being held accountable for our promises to make this world a more sustainable place.

Social and environmental action is crucial, but the right governance makes it all possible. Here are the practical steps we took to make our ambition reality.

First, we created a sustainability committee that has worked hard to set goals in close alignment with our management. Next, we hired a Strategy Manager, Erlend Mohus, who also functions as our Head of Sustainability. This means that Erlend is responsible for the SuperOffice Sustainability Vision, and he will make sure we reach our goals. We hope this emphasizes that SuperOffice is serious and that we are action-driven in our sustainable approach.

“We are serious about sustainability. This is a real commitment.
It’s not a matter of being fashionable. It’s a matter of change-making.”

Gisle Jentoft, CEO

Finally, you don’t just have to take our word for it – we offer full transparency when it comes to our ESG initiative!

As we collect data, we report on how we are doing in terms of reaching our goals. We are also thrilled that our owners at Axcel are ambitious on our behalf. By reporting to them and publishing our reports, we are making sure that we are being held accountable – not only by ourselves but also by our owners and our customers.

Taking a stand for a brighter future

As you have probably noticed by now, we have gone through every letter in the ESG framework to let you know how we plan to execute our vision. We hope this illustrates that SuperOffice means business – especially when it comes to sustainability! Because we want to do our part to make the world a better place. We want to inspire other players in the industry. And we want to be the obvious choice for customers looking for a sustainable CRM solution.

“As competition grows, we have to stand out on sustainability.
We have to show this is what we stand for.”
Charlotte Adelgaard, CRO

Hopefully, this summary of our new vision has done exactly that. In addition to all the promises we have made, we will promise you one more thing: This is not the last you’ll hear about SuperOffice and our vision for a brighter future.

Download our sustainability report here.

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