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Meet our new CMO: Together we can achieve more

Meet our new CMO

I’ve worked in the tech industry my whole career. And for the last 6 years I focused on the B2B SaaS software – a niche in the IT industry that I truly love.

When joining SuperOffice, I was drawn by three things: its powerful solutions, its distinct culture and the unique brand. These were the magnets that pulled me in, and I’m happy to be able to help SuperOffice take its marketing to the next level.

Uniting efforts to achieve growth

I'm confident that we will achieve great results together, and I hope my experience in the B2B SaaS industry will help in that, as well as the many growth journeys I've been a part of.

Through efficient demand generation, continuous brand building and great alliances with our great partners, I hope to contribute to SuperOffice's further growth.

It’s by enabling each other’s talent and putting them together as we work towards the same goal that we can achieve more.

Together with my skilled, experienced and great marketing team I intend to
increase SuperOffice's market penetration and overall revenue growth.

SuperOffice is undoubtedly a CRM expert, but it's also a company that is an expert in the underlying mechanisms, such as great sales processes and a bulletproof sales methodology. Sales isn't just something you do – it's consistent and hard work over time, strong collaboration across the organization, and this yields great results.

On top of that, we have a strong and reliable partner network that helps us grow and succeed. We've grown sustainable customer relationships for more than 30 years now, which gives us an experience and edge many others don't have.

Measuring marketing success

At the end of the day, we’re here to make our customers happy and, through that, drive growth.

There are many metrics to follow if we want to learn about customer satisfaction and growth. Net revenue retention, churn, ARR growth, and contract value are a few examples of the metrics we follow.

An important step in this way is pipeline generation for both existing and new customers, and in which marketing has a large stake. I know that this can be a challenge for many companies – to track this performance from A to Z, but in SuperOffice we have full control of the pipeline created and the revenue it generates.

For me as a CMO, this is a very important tool that helps ensure we navigate our efforts and priorities correctly. Of course, we must break these numbers further down to get a more granular view of our efforts, and each role might have different KPIs dependent on responsibilities.

It’s a team effort, and we all have a stake in it.

The importance of marketing and sales alignment

The customer journey is far from being linear.

According to Gartner, almost 60% of the buyer’s journey happens before even contacting a vendor. Thus, marketing’s role in a company’s growth is becoming increasingly important year over year.

What marketing does in terms of creating and capturing demand
at each touch point of a customer journey is critical.

Aligning our efforts all the way – from development and product to the sales organization – is key, and sharing goals of pipeline and revenue generation is a big part of ensuring we’re marching in the same direction.

Furthermore, the markets shift quickly, and we must adapt and support an open and continuous dialogue between the teams to ensure we are on the same page all the times.

Relying on innovation and new technologies

We’re the early adapters of innovative and emerging technologies, and I love this about SuperOffice. And the best thing is that we bring these innovative technologies to our customers.

For instance, we’ve recently launched our AI Lab initiative, where our customers can turn on their own SuperOffice Copilot in their application. This functionality helps our customers strengthen and grow their customer relationships at record speed and precision without compromising on quality.

It’s amazing to be able to bring this technology into our customers’ hands, helping them resolve challenges and handle tasks faster and better, and in the end continue growing sustainable customer relationships.

Conveying the true value of SuperOffice

It’s tough competition out there, but I know that for our ideal customers SuperOffice hits right home with our CRM platform!

It unites sales, marketing and customer service teams by offering tools, data, and supporting processes, at a price point where our customers can efficiently attract and keep more customers, as well as build sustainable customer relationships.

SuperOffice CRM is a platform that enables businesses to align and work efficiently across the entire organization, overseeing the buying journeys of today and tomorrow – all that is pivotal for ensuring sustainable growth.

I’m both humble and proud about this responsibility and appreciate having such a competent and supportive team with me. I’m very excited about contributing to SuperOffice’s growth going forward.

Bettina and Hugo

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