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Meet our new Head of People

My career began in finance, but I always knew I wanted to work with the “people side” of business. I’ve spent the last 10 years gaining experience in such areas as recruitment and onboarding, learning and development, change management and communication. This has given me a deeper understanding of the different things that can impact people’s working lives.

They say the average person spends 1/3 of their life working. I’m passionate about making that 1/3 of people’s lives as rewarding and exciting as possible. This is where building a “super employee journey” comes into play.

In general, the employee journey starts with an attraction to a job opportunity, then the recruitment and hiring processes follows. After that, it’s onboarding into the company and their way of working. Next, it’s all about engaging in everyday work and immersing into the company’s culture.

And throughout this entire journey, it’s paramount to continuously learn and develop. Development can be many things: acquiring new skills, joining a different type of project, or making a vertical or horizontal move within the company.

Then one day, there will be a decision to leave the company and embark on a different journey. When that day comes, if we have done things right, people will look back at their time at SuperOffice with pride and they’ll want to stay connected. This can lead to great things in the future – maybe they will refer someone to come work with us or try our CRM solution, maybe they will come back to SuperOffice themselves at some point. This is a win for us all.

Today, I’m excited and honored that SuperOffice has decided to offer me the chance to build the best possible journey for our people. I’m full of ideas on how we can optimize each stage of this exciting employee journey!

SuperOffice is already doing great things. Since I joined earlier this month, I have been welcomed with smiles and high energy. I have lots of information and resources to dive into and everyone is eager to help.

Also, this company has one of the most unique company cultures I have ever experienced. It’s not only a workplace, it’s a nation called Superland, to which we all belong and contribute. All of us are citizens with passports, a constitution, and even a flag.

What I’ve learned is that SuperOffice has a strong history of taking care of people, and I’m very excited to build on this going forward.

One thing I want to further develop is our people pipeline. SuperOffice is on a growth journey, and this includes bringing new citizens into Superland. We need to utilize our networks and increase our employer branding efforts to create a pipeline of great people who are interested in joining us, similar to the way we build our customer pipeline.

Another thing I want to establish is a structured onboarding experience including a mix of in-person elements and insightful digital content. There is already a wealth of content and expertise to draw upon, but it’s about structuring things into a specific experience for the people who recently joined SuperOffice.

And ultimately, I want to help people see the possible directions they can take on their SuperOffice journey. I want to expand upon and showcase all the different career paths and development opportunities we offer. Then it’s up to each person to seize the opportunities and create their own unique journey.

I’m really happy that my onboarding has kicked off with a deep dive into the business, because understanding and connecting with the business is vital for succeeding in designing programs, processes, and opportunities for our people. I’m pumped to start my journey with SuperOffice and I can’t wait to help others with theirs.

SuperOffice is always looking for great people, so reach out if you’re looking for a super journey.

Kind regards,

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