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How Chat improves your customer communication

SuperOffice Chat is one of the most dynamic online tools you can use to engage with customers and prospects who visit your website.

It’s quick, it’s personal, and it lets you to give immediate feedback to your customers, in real-time. By adding the Chat widget to any webpage you choose, you have the possibility to help more customers and increase sales.

Let’s see how Chat works.

Meet Hannah.

Hannah works at Bridgecom and her job is to help to all customers and prospects who visit their website by using Chat.

We will show the Chat widget pop up. We will show the following text:

Welcome to Bridgecom
How can we help you today?


Whenever a website visitor has a question, and initiates a Chat, Hannah immediately gets a notification that there’s someone on Bridgecom’s website that needs help.

Show the Chat box where people have to fill in their details. We will fill in Simon’s details.

Name: Simon
Company: Paddle Inc.
Email address:


Simon has a question:

Simon: I’m looking at the Lenovo T450s. How long is the warranty on these laptops?

[Once the Chat has started Hannah’s picture will be visible]

Hannah has an answer for him within a matter seconds. She also sends him a document with additional information.

Hannah: Hi Simon, We give 3 years of warranty on the Lenovo T450s. Here’s a link to the warranty details and product specifications.

Simon: Ah great, thank you!

Hannah: Is there anything else i can help you with?

Simon: No, thank you. I got all the information I need. I’ll go ahead and order the laptops now.

Hannah: Great, glad to be of service. Have a great day and come back any time.


At the same time Hannah has four other chat sessions open. That’s another reason why she likes working with Chat. It’s much more efficient to help several people at a time, instead of one by one.

In this chat conversation, a customer is asking her all kinds of technical questions that she can’t answer.

Hannah knows that the support department can help, so she transfers the chat session to a technical support agent.

John: Hi, i keep getting a 534 Error after I’m logged in. What can I do to fix this?

Hannah: Hi John. Sounds like you got a technical problem. Let me put you in contact with one of our technical consultants. They will be able to give you the help you need. Just give me one second.

[Hannah, clicks on Actions, Transfer to another agent]

Now, her colleague can see the chat dialogue that Hannah and the customer have had so far, and he is able to help the customer immediately.

The greatest thing about SuperOffice Chat is that it is 100% integrated with the rest of the CRM system. As Hannah is chatting, she can see all the customer history and past interactions that have happened between Bridgecom and the customer she is chatting with. This helps her give better service.

For example, this customer has been in contact with Bridgecom before. Hannah is able to help the customer immediately because she can see the previous chat dialogues and she doesn’t need to ask the customer to repeat her story from the start.

Jessica: Hi, I talked to your colleague Stephen yesterday about a credit note. Can you connect me through to Stephen?

[Hannah checking the customer's history]

She can see all solved requests, completed sales, all activities and follow up’s as well as previous chats.

Hannah: Don’t worry I can help you with this. I see that you needed give us an invoice number before we can credit your account . Did you manage to find it?

Jessica: Yes, I have it here. The invoice number is BG3643

Hannah: Great. Please complete this form so that we can credit your account.

[We show Hannah uses a standard reply to respond]

Jessica: I’ll do that. Thanks for the help :)


Hannah uses a standard reply template to give the customer the information she needs. The customer is happy and she can move on to the next chat session.

We have now shown you how you can use live Chat to improve customer communication and engage more visitors on your website. With SuperOffice Chat you can:

  • Help multiple customers at the same time
  • Transfer a chat to a colleague for additional customer assistance when needed
  • Directly add documentation, links and FAQ’s to chats to quickly point customers in the right direction
  • Have access to all customer communication in one, central place.
On the screen we will show:
  • Help multiple customers at the same time
  • Transfer a chat to other agents
  • Directly add documentation, links and FAQ’s to chats
  • Have access to all customer communication in one, central place.

This was just a small sample of how SuperOffice can help you to be more efficient. Please take a look at our other videos and learn more about how SuperOffice can help you to work smarter!