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Download our brand new 2024 Buyers Guide

Creating, updating and managing quotes with SuperOffice

When you are working under a lot of pressure to perform at high levels you are always looking for ways to work faster and smarter.

Now let’s take the quotation process for instance.

Traditionally, the quotation process can be very complicated and quite a manual task. With SuperOffice creating quotes and proposals is easy, quick and smooth. It’s the new simple way to work with proposals.

In this demo we will show you how easy it is to create a quote, send a quote, and place an order.

Abigail works in a company delivering IT services and products. She has been working with a prospect named Tiffany. Tiffany has asked her to provide a proposal and a price quotation on new office technology.

Abigail finds the opportunity she registered when she first started talking to Tiffany. Here she has collected all the sales related activities connected to this opportunity and defined an expected decision date. Until now, Abigail has not known the exact size of this opportunity. This will change after she creates her quote.

She displays the Quote panel to begin. Abigail clicks on Create a new quote. Next, she needs to choose products and services from the product catalogue available to her. She thinks that Lenovo computers would be the best choice for Tiffany’s office. Since SuperOffice Quote already included current products and pricing information Abigail just sets the quantity she needs.

To add a discount she can easily do this here. She doesn’t have to spend time calculating or checking the numbers as this is automatically done for her.

In addition to the laptops, Abigail adds PC screens. Again, the prices are automatically updated. Now, Abigail just adds the service fee. And she has a complete set of products and services to include in her proposal.

SuperOffice makes it easy to update your sales forecasts and maintain an accurate pipeline. In this panel you see the size of this sale. You also see that the forecasting figure has automatically been updated. This means that Abigail and her sales manager always know what’s in the pipeline.

Now Abigail is ready to create a proposal document. The proposal is now ready to be sent to Tiffany.

At the same time as Abigail sends her proposal, SuperOffice automatically creates a follow-up activity in her diary.

SuperOffice keeps track of all versions of proposals. By clicking on the latest version, Abigail can see what she offered and at what price. If Tiffany accepts her offer, Abigail can place this as an order. In just a couple of clicks, Abigail can send an order confirmation to Tiffany.

You’ve just seen how easy it is to create a quote, send a quote, and place an order.

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