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Download our brand new 2024 Buyers Guide

SuperOffice helps us to serve our customers

Ron Lukassen Manager Inside Sales

The Challenge

Synprodo bv in Wijchen is the expert in the area of packaging, retail products, products for the climate control sector, the food sector, horticulture and the pharmaceutical industry.

Being a manufacturing company, Synprodo’s systems were designed for our production process. Our existing ERP system could not meet the requirements of our sales department. Synprodo is part of Synbra, with locations throughout Europe, so we needed to find a system that could be applied not just to the office in Wijchen, but throughout the whole Group as well. The CRM package would also have to be integrated with our existing ERP software. SuperOffice provided Synprodo with a partner that was able to meet our wide range of needs and requirements.

Office-based staff and sales representatives can now record and monitor the entire sales process from enquiry to order.

Ron Lukassen

The Solution

Thanks to the wide range of options offered by the application, we have been able to modify SuperOffice so that colleagues in Sales can simply take over each other’s activities if someone is away.

Integration with the email client means that communication can be easily archived, partly because contact persons are immediately identified and the correct company or relationship immediately shown. This is linked to our ERP system, which ensures that any alterations are transferred directly to SuperOffice.

The Results

With SuperOffice we have established an efficient workflow that meets our sales needs in particular.

Information can be viewed centrally and is recorded in a uniform way. Reminders and lists specific to particular employees are largely a thing of the past, as they are now stored centrally and are available to all employees. SuperOffice helps us to serve both our valued and potential customers in a professional and ‘Synproactive’ manner!

  • Complete, consistent customer profile
  • Information can be viewed centrally and is organised around the relationship
  • Storing information centrally means that we can take a proactive approach to customer services
  • Requests and follow-ups can be recorded at project level and then monitored/managed.