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17 Customer Service Conferences You Need to Attend in 2018

Customer service conferences to attend in 2017

Post summary:

  • Why attend customer service conferences?
  • 17 customer service conferences to attend in 2018
  • Learn new skills and gain knowledge from industry leaders

Searching for the best customer service conferences in 2018?

There are so many to choose from so we’ve selected the best customer service conferences across Europe, including in the UK, Romania, and Sweden.

The world is changing fast and new techniques and channels for customer service are emerging all the time. These conferences are the best way to speak to others at the forefront of that change and gain valuable insights that you can implement in your business.

We’ve hand-picked the best customer service conferences for 2018 based on their value and quality.

They’re listed in date order so open up your calendar and get ready to add your favorites.


17 customer service conferences


1. Customer Insight & Analytics Exchange

24 - 25 January 2018

London UK | Cost: €999 | Visit website

About the conference: Only senior executives responsible for the development and implementation of customer insight and data strategies are involved with this conference. Following 9 months of in-depth topic research and analytics, each attendee receives an itinerary customized to their own business objects, and take part in one-on-one meetings with Think Tanks, solution providers and other senior executives.


2. Mobile Shopping Europe 2018

30 January-1 February 2018

London, UK | Cost: £999 | Visit website

About the conference: Focusing on those in the mobile industry, this conference focuses on what you need to create and develop a mobile customer centric strategy and technology decisions while driving customer engagement away from a “one size fits all” approach.


3. CEM in Telecoms Global Summit

30 January-2 February 2018

London, UK | Cost: Starts at €1,999 | Visit website

About the conference: Focused on developing Customer Experiences in the Telecom sector, this global summit will look at embracing today’s evolving customer needs in both the B2B and B2C sectors by optimizing all consumer touch points.


4. Corporate Communications Conference

6 February 2018

London, UK | Cost: starts at £599 | Visit website

About the conference: Join communication professionals and learn how to deliver real results and ROI with innovative corporate strategies through Social Media Engagement and maximized consumer reach.


5. 3XE Digital Dublin

8 February 2018

Dublin, Ireland | Cost: Early Bird starts from €195 | Visit website

About the conference: This is a one day conference in Ireland with 20 speakers, 6 workshop events and will focus on how to implement your digital campaigns and how to leverage your customer engagement strategies all at once.


6. The Customer Experience Conference

27 February 2018

London, UK | Cost: Starting at £599 | Visit website

About the conference: This is another one day event and will focus on how to create customer experiences to drive revenue. Over 22 thought leaders will teach attendees how to upgrade customer loyalty through better targeting of customers in the B2B and B2C sectors.


7. Annual Conference of The Institute of Customer Service

6 March 2018

London, UK | Cost: £770 for non-members | Visit website

About the conference: This is the largest customer service conference in the UK and draws hundreds of service professionals and business leaders together for a one day event of learning and development. The conference also hosts the UK Customer Satisfaction Awards ceremony.


8. Chief Marketing Officer Digital

10-12 April 2018

Ayrshire, UK | Cost: Register online for invitation | Visit website

About the conference: The bond between marketing and customer service grows tighter every year. This is an exclusive meeting for CMOs to develop business strategies in a controlled environment.


9. Digital Marketing World Forum

16-17 April 2018

London, UK | Cost: Early Bird starts at €499 | Visit website

About the conference: This digital and social marketing conference looks at the challenges of the digital future by addressing how to create dynamic, immersive content to build future growth and leverage your current customer relationships.


10. Customer Strategy & Planning 2018

23-24 April 2018

Harrogate, UK | Cost: Contact for registration | Visit website

About the conference: With over 650 participants projected to attend, the Customer Strategy & Planning conference will focus on top industry performers invited to share their best practices.


11. Next Generation Customer Experience

18 April 2018

Bucharest, Romania | Cost: €445 | Visit website

About the conference: This is the biggest Customer Service conference in Eastern Europe and highlights the increasing need for strong partnerships, the developments of KPIs and investment in employee engagement.


12. Customer Experience World

15-16 May 2018

London, UK | Cost: Starting at £540 | Visit website

About the conference: This two day event features interviews, keynotes, workshops, round-table sessions and much more from experts all over the globe. Learn the latest methods for successful customer outcomes, which organizers say only 1% of organizations are currently using.


13. Gartner Customer Experience & Technologies Summit

24-25 May 2018

London, UK | Early Bird Pricing: €2300 |  Visit website

About the conference: This conference pairs technological developments with customer service strategies. Join business professionals in CRM and IT to learn how to shape customer strategy.


14. Customer Experience Exchange Retail

3-4 July 2018

London, UK | Cost: Early Bird £999 | Visit website

About the conference: With a focus on the retail industry, this conference brings together top business leaders and speakers to learn how to better engage and develop customer service and experience by discussing and sharing best practices for the future.


15. Dialogkonferansen 2018

August 2018

Stromstad Spa, Sweden | Cost: TBA | Visit website

About the conference: Join over 500 attendees in the largest digital marketing event in Scandinavia. This event focuses on customer loyalty, cross and upsell programs, churn, and win-back programs through CX and CRM.


16. Customer Service & Experience Summit Europe September 2018

September 2018

London, UK | Cost:£895 | Visit website

About the conference: The Customer Service Summit is a by brands for brands meeting focused on bringing together an unrivaled list of in-house customer service leaders across Europe. You will learn how to advance customer support through AI, self-service, social customer care, multichannel integration, automation, empowered agents and more.


17. Customer Engagement Summit

12-13 November 2018

London, UK | Cost: Early Bird starts at £595 | Visit website

About the conference: This is Europe’s single biggest customer and employee engagement event and is projected to grow beyond 900 delegates this year. This conference brings together business leaders from all over the world to examine how to encourage, develop and even repair customer engagement in a variety of industries.


Attend a customer service conference

Customer experience is the most exciting opportunity to businesses in 2018.

An important part in any customer experience is the interaction a customer has with your customer support employees and the service they deliver.

Wherever your interests lie, attending a relevant customer service conference in 2018 will help you gain new knowledge and learn new skills from the leaders in your industry.

From the list above, which customer service conference will you attend this year?

And if missed any, let us know in the comment section below.

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