Meet our new CMO: Entering the Champions League for marketers

I knew instantly that this was the job for me. With a background in sales and marketing I finally get the best of both worlds – to brand and to sell software for the largest CRM player in the Nordics. That’s why I am thrilled to be the CMO of SuperOffice and a part of this legendary team. Because for me it means working with the top professionals. It also means that I have just entered my personal Champions League of marketing, and I am eager to start playing.

My new role as CMO implies that I’m responsible for the SuperOffice brand and marketing’s contribution to the company’s revenue targets. Ultimately, my job is to get inside our customers’ minds. But don’t worry, it is in no way as creepy as it might sounds. The only mind game at play here is the one me and the rest of the marketing team play, as we work hard to really get to know our customers.

From our content to our expression, creating successful marketing is about asking the right questions and finding answers to such questions: What does our customers deeply care about? Where do they spend time looking for answers and inspiration? And what do they say and think about SuperOffice?

Getting to a place where you can answer these questions takes a lot of time and dedication. Knowing how to track our customers’ actions and how to be smart with contribution is key. When it comes to marketing, I like to say, “brand is the most unfair advantage”. And, in my opinion, brand is basically our reputation. It’s all about what our customers say about SuperOffice when we are not in the room.

If we are successful with the brand, everything will get easier:

  • More customers will turn to us when they are looking to buy a new CRM suite
  • Existing customers will continue to grow faster on our platform
  • It will be easier to recruit people as we grow
  • It will be easier to team up with partners and book meetings with prospects
  • And the list goes on …

This means that if we succeed in answering the key questions about the customers, we will have the unfair advantage of getting inside our customers minds, and we will have gotten there only by playing a fair game of marketing.

My vision for SuperOffice is to get even better at playing this game. I want us to make smart choices, be strategic and improve our contribution to revenue. But I don’t want us to play it safe. I want us to be bold and creative.

Luckily, my visions for our marketing don’t clash, but co-exist. By being both smart and bold, we can accelerate our growth and take up more space in the market. Getting there takes courage and creativity. It’s not about being outrageous just for the kicks, it’s about being wild enough to keep our customers’ attention (and have fun along the way). Because we need to remember that we are competing against everything: our customers will always compare our campaigns or events to what they would rather see or do. Only by being smart and bold can we make sure their comparisons fall short.

At SuperOffice, I am blessed to have a talented and dedicated marketing team to help me turn this vision into reality. Since I started here, I have been impressed by the passion of my co-workers and their openness towards my ideas. Creating revenue generated by marketing isn’t easy. It takes focus, and it is driven by change.

One of the changes particularly important to me is creating one key marketing organisation. We might be spread across different offices throughout northern Europe, but we can do more to feel like one team. We can collaborate, unify our markets, share ideas, and learn from each other. I believe this is the most important change we can make when it comes to marketing to improve our impact on revenue even further.

For me, creating an even brighter future for SuperOffice also means paying tribute to our past. Founded in 1990 by Une Amundsen, SuperOffice has an entrepreneurial legacy. We are a company build on vision and willpower back in the days when our budgets were much lower. At SuperOffice, this daring history is mixed with a Nordic sense of humility: we might be bold, but we also value relationships, which are at the core of our company. This combination of rebel spirit and Nordic kindness is the best thing about being the CMO of SuperOffice. It’s a mix made for amazing stories and game-changing marketing.

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