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The Super Seven – Top Sales, Marketing and Customer Service Posts in October

Did you have a great Halloween?

(If you’re still in the Halloween spirit, check out our customer service horror stories post here.)

There was a lot of great CRM content published last month and we’ve rounded up some of our favorite blog posts in sales, marketing and customer service that were published in October.

This months’ Super Seven Round up features content published on Jill Konrath, Clickz and MarketingProfs.


Why Focus On the Top of the Funnel

There is no middle of the funnel or bottom of the funnel without the top of the sales funnel. It's where it all starts. And without new opportunities coming into the funnel, you don’t have enough opportunities to make your numbers.

In this post, Anthony explains why you should be focusing on the top of the funnel.

Written by S. Anthony Iannarino @iannarino

One Mind-Boggling Sales Statistic

Jill Konrath recently attended the LinkedIn's SalesConnect Conference in San Francisco, which saw more than 500 sales leaders come to learn about using LinkedIn to drive revenue.

At the conference, Mike Derezin, VP of Sales at LinkedIn, shared one statistic that Jill calls mind-boggling. Read this post by Jill to learn what the mind-boggling statistic is, and more importantly, how you can use it to get more sales.

Written by Jill Konrath @jillkonrath


When Should Marketers Send Holiday-Themed Emails?

As the holiday season approaches, organizations begin to plan their marketing based on the best part of the year.

Christmas-themed and general winter holidays season emails have higher open rates when sent weeks or even months before the holiday season really gets going. However, themed emails for holidays that do not involve gift-giving, such as Black Friday or Cyber Monday have the best open rates on the actual date.

Ayaz Nanji helps you finalize your holiday marketing campaign by explaining when you should be sending out your newsletters.

Written by Ayaz Nanji @ayaznanji

5 Videos Your Business Can’t Live Without

Do you have a video marketing strategy?

In 2013, video consumed 66% of all consumer internet traffic and this is expected to reach a massive 79% by 2018. How often do your videos show up in that traffic?

If you haven't yet created a video marketing strategy, Kristen Lunman provides you with five powerful video suggestions you can use with this post on Content Marketing Institute.

Written by Kristen Lunman @KristenLunman

Ask These Questions to Reshape Your Email Strategy in 2015

Now is the ideal time to start to plan your email marketing plan for 2015.

It's just before the holiday season kicks into gear and it gives you plenty of time to analyze your email campaign performance for this year, while mapping out changes you want to drive going into next year.

To help you get started, answer the 6 questions asked by Margaret Farmakis and you'll have a framework for your 2015 email marketing strategy.

Written by Margaret Farmakis @mfarmakis

Customer service

Do you know the lifetime value of your customer?

According to a recent Forbes study that surveyed 312 senior executives, 40% of the leadership surveyed do not know the financial value of their customers, and perhaps even worse is that over half of those surveyed don’t plan to know the value either.

Knowing the lifetime value of your customers will help you make informed and better customer-focused decisions and in this post, Shep Hyken provides you with a five step solution to help you know what to with it, once you know it.

Written by Shep Hyken @Hyken

15 essential best practice tips for social customer service

Over the past 18 months, Luke Brynley-Jones has hosted over 30 events on social customer service, featuring brands such as eBay, Citibank and British Gas.

While it’s popular to examine the public failures of brands on social media, best practices are also emerging. In this post, Luke provides you with 15 of the most useful best practice tips he has learned from some of the world’s leading brands.

Written by Luke Brynley-Jones @lbrynleyjones


We hope you have enjoyed this monthly round up of sales, marketing and customer service blog posts – We certainly have!

Use these tips to help your sales team focus on the top of the funnel, to help your marketing team plan their email marketing holiday campaigns and strategy for 2015 and finally, your customer service team to learn how to make better customer-focused decisions based on customer lifetime values.

I know we weren’t able to round up all of the best content published on the web in October. If you read something that you think we would like to read, feel free to share it with us.

What was your favorite blog post that you read in October? Let me know below.

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