The Super Seven: Sales, Marketing and Customer Service posts August 2013

We’ve all been back to work in August after the long vacation month in July so if you have been busy, we’ve made life easy for you by rounding up some of the best posts on the web in sales, marketing and customer service this month.

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1. 25 Helpful Sales Blogs You Don't Want to Miss Out On HubSpot's Sam Mallikarjunan has put together an incredible resource of the top 25 sales blogs on the web. The list also includes links to three recent posts from each blog.

2. How to Recognize Words that Kill Sales Are you using words that could end up killing a sale? Art Sobczak explains what to avoid next time you have a meeting with a potential client.


3. 6 Marketing Metric Mistakes to Avoid Jon Miller talks about 6 marketing metrics mistakes to avoid on The post covers cost, vanity, quantity and more.

4. A President's Perspective On The CMO-CIO Partnership Forbes writer Kim Whitler interviews Chris McCann, president and COO of and discusses the importance of culture and having shared goals between IT and marketing departments.

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5. 10 customer experience sound bites from Jeff Bezos Amazon are renowned for their high quality customer service and the reason for this is their CEO, Jeff Bezos. Chris Lake, at Econsultancy covers 10 great quotes from the man himself.

6. Which Industry has the Best Customer Service on Facebook? [Infographic] Do you use your Facebook profile to answer customer service questions? If not, you should as it's where your customers are. SocialFresh have put together a fun Infographic on which industry delivers the best customer service.

7. A slice of absolute customer service perfection Michael Hess from CBS news tells a great personal story about he was on the receiving end of customer service perfection recently, thanks to a fast food restaurant in Chicago's O'Hare airport.

Have you read a great post on sales, marketing or customer service this month? Feel free to share it in the comments section below.

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