The Super Seven: Sales, Marketing and Customer Service posts for July 2013

Although July was a main vacation month for many of us here at SuperOffice, we still found some time to stay updated on fresh and interesting information.  Here are our top favorite posts for the month of July in the areas of sales, marketing and customer service which we hope that you will also find interesting...


1. The Only Two Business Strategies Anthony Iannarino discusses the only two business strategies that matter: Caring and not caring.

2. Reinvigorate a Disengaged Sales Force The Harvard Business Review delves into how you can get your disengaged sales force excited and about their work.


3. Video on the Psychology of Color And How Color Affects Purchases How does color affect purchasing decisions? KISSmetrics are back with a video of their famous infographic

4. Email Benchmarks: Highest Open Rate in Years Jeanne Jennings goes over the findings from the Q1 2013 email trends and benchmarks report to find the average email marketing open rate across all industries is at its highest in years

Customer service

5. Three Tips For Finding (And Retaining) More Customers The Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC) looks at ways for finding and retaining more customers. Hint: It involves Customer Relationship Management.

6. No 1 Secret to Top Notch Customer Service Janine Popick writes about the number 1 secret to top notch customer service and how to treat the team behind it.

7. Forrester: How Do You Measure Great - or Bad - Customer Service? How do you measure good or bad service? CMSwire go over the latest Forrester Research report of Seven Steps to Successful Customer Experience Measurement Programs.

What was your favorite post you read this month? Was there anything that we might have missed? Let us know in the comments below.

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