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Use your CRM to manage Projects for all industries

Either good or bad project management can make or break a company. Projects are a collection of activities, documents, emails, timelines and owners. One can be very dependent upon the other and the success of a project depends on how well you can manage all the tasks in a timely manner.

In a recent blog post, Jan Andersen talked about how SuperOffice CRM can support Projects. If you build on the features of this module, it can be easy to customize this standard module and make it suitable for all kinds of industries.

Let’s take a look at some real life examples.

Machine trade

A company is selling used metallurgy machines. In SuperOffice, they build up an archive of all the machines they buy and sell, including the technical details.

For each machine, they can keep track of the former owner and the new owner, including all communications in the buying, selling and service process. The machine database is connected to their website to display the machines that they have in stock.

CRM project management SuperOffice


Managing projects in CRM SuperOffice



A number of customers are selling construction materials. In SuperOffice, they register all construction projects with details like the amount of M2 and in which construction phase the project is.

All stakeholders like architects, construction companies and installers are connected. They build a full contact history of all communication around this project with all involved parties. As a bonus they get more insight in the realized turnover via the different architects (as they are not buying, but advising the products).

project management SuperOffice


Car lease

Car lease companies also use the project module to sell new contracts. The end of a running contract is opening up a new chance to sell. They register all their contacts in the solution, next to keeping track of all customers, fleet managers and individual drivers. These contracts are registered based on the license plates of the car. Specific details, the contract and its end date are easily accessible. Usually, the data around cars and contracts is fully integrated with their back office systems.

CRM database SuperOffice

If you’ve done a nice customization using Projects in SuperOffice, feel free to share it with us in the comments section or contact us for more information.

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