How To Work Smarter Using Online CRM

Work smart, not harderFlexible Working is hot at the moment. It makes people more effective during their workday. Flexible working hours are introduced to suit people’s lifestyles and flexible working places make it possible for people to work at home, on the road or anywhere in the office.

Of course flexible working will benefit the work force, but they still have to work 36 or 40 hours to make up a full working week. So therefore it is  interesting to take a look at how people can work more effectively in those 36 to 40 hours, so the company can benefit even more from the work force. This blog is about working smart and getting more work done in the same time by using Online CRM.

Here are 3 tips on how to work smarter with Online CRM.

Share information

What is the use of storing all your emails, documents and notes into designated folders in your Outlook or on your PC? When no-one else has access to this information?

Sharing information and documents enables your co-workers to help, correct and take over your work when needed. Your co-workers will be able to help your customers with the right information straight away. No more wasting time while trying to find your co-workers notes from last week’s conversation.


Enthusiasm sometimes needs to be held back by wisdom. Taking time to prioritize your work will benefit your effectiveness. CRM can help you to get full control and overview over all the activities and sales orders you have at hand at any given time. Sort sales orders by size and next follow-up date, and you will get quick overview on where to use your time - the biggest and hottest deals that will come in this month. Boost your sales by prioritizing these deals and make sure you are in control of the sales process by using Online CRM.

CRM on your Mobile

While being on the road you might not always have access to a PC to find the information you need or to make notes from the meeting you just had. Using a CRM app on you smart phone or tablet is a definite game changer in this situation. Update your customer card immediately and again share information with co-workers directly.

Online CRM is where it all comes together. Log on wherever and whenever you want and be able to share information and prioritize your work while using an easy and user-friendly Online CRM system.

Choose the right CRM tool

Don’t take any short cuts when it comes to Online CRM. Cheap programs and tools are harder to work with because they will not be as user-friendly as a premium one, and will not give you the overview you need to be effective. Trying to save money, but spending an extra hour or two of your time a day, doesn’t make sense.

Want to be flexible and work smartly? Use Online CRM! You can contact us here.

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