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How to Get Your Organization to Fall in Love with Your CRM Software

You create the CRM business case, you get buy-in and then your organization purchases and implements a CRM system.

It is promised that this new CRM software will improve customer relationships, increase customer loyalty and thus, grow revenue. Right?

Unfortunately, it’s not that easy.

In the real world, you quickly find that very few colleagues use the software and customer information quickly becomes outdated. No one is to blame for this, and so senior management blames the software itself. Does this sound familiar?

Don't worry, you're not alone.

Forrester Research has found that 49% of CRM projects fail. And according to CSO Insights, less than 40% have full scale end-user adoption.

The reason CRM projects fail is not due to the technology, but because of an organizations culture.

CRM success inside a company is much more than choosing and launching new software but, it’s human nature that makes us resistant change. However, the transition from one CRM system to another can be a huge improvement in a work place.

To help you manage change within your organization and maximize the the usage of your new CRM system, we have just launched a new white paper  “How to get your organization to fall in love with CRM software”.

In this free white paper, we will go through some of the known pitfalls that stand in the way of CRM success. We will also share some practical and useful stories from seven of our customers who have created a CRM success story inside their company.

Click here to learn how to get your organization to fall in love with CRM software >>


It takes both time and resources in order to increase end-user adoption but, by following the practical tips shared in this white paper, we are confident that you will succeed.

How do you get your team to adopt CRM software? Let us know in the comments below.

P.S. If you haven’t done so already, we would really appreciate it if you could download and read the white paper and then share it with your colleagues and social network. It’s as easy as clicking on the social icons below.


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