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Selecting the right CRM software for you

Because there are as many CRM solutions as there are businesses that need them, it's easy to get lost in all the mumbo jumbo and watch what was supposed to be a very simple CRM project turn into a monster so difficult to handle and manage that it eventually fails. Studies show that 70% of all CRM projects fail.

Our guide, the 5 Tips to CRM success, identifies 5 critical success factors you should keep in mind when choosing a CRM system.

1. Assess Your current situation

It’s very easy to think that CRM can solve everything and immediately increase business revenues, but unfortunately, it can’t – not without some forethought at least.  Before starting, you have to assess your current situation:

  • What does your business look like?
  • What are some of your immediate business productivity challenges?
  • How do you want to solve them?

2. Choose the right CRM solution for your business

Not all CRM’s are created a like and the right one for you depends on your business and your IT needs.

3. Keep it Simple

Here’s where bigger is not always better.   The single most important CRM success criterion is how much the individual user in an organization is able to use and how well the solution is linked to the specific business process.

4. Make usability a key criteria

People don’t like change.   If a CRM solution takes to much effort to learn and use, sales people will resist incorporating the extra work.

5. Get some initial implementation assistance

No matter how easy a solution says that it is, it’s still always smart to get some professional help – especially if you’re just starting out with CRM and have no or limited IT staff.  Initial CRM assistance helps you to get up and running a lot faster and ensures that you get started on the right foot.

For more information, download the free buyers' guide here.

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Gravatar image

Marianna Mills

10 years ago

We are a non-profit organization, and every day we use a lot of electronic documents. We are now using CRM for free, and we can easily and conveniently. Q: Is there a CRM, which can be used to export all the files/task/employee records, and then import it into another system CRM? How to do it? Thank you.

Gravatar image

Jennifer Lund

10 years ago

If I understand you correctly, you are using a CRM software for free from teamwox and you want to know if there is a CRM software that can be used for export of different elements. The CRM software itself will not have this ability, but it might be be possible to export data from the teamwox solution, and then import it into a new CRM system like SuperOffice, for example. I just want to mention that SuperOffice is not a free software. The import job will need to be done by a consultant unless it's just companies/contacts, then you can probably do it yourself.