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The Super Seven – Top Sales, Marketing and Customer Service Posts in July

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We hope you had a fantastic summer and that you have been able to enjoy the great weather Europe has had to offer.

But, before you dive back into your overflowing mailbox, take a minute to read through some great content we’ve collected for you.

We’ve rounded up some of our favorite blog posts in sales, marketing and customer service that were published in July. This months’ Super Seven Round up features content published on CMS Wire, Clickz, and Social Media Today.


You Are Losing New Customers Before You Ever Talk To Them

How are you delivering your messages and information to those most important to your business success?

The majority of sales and marketing efforts are based on outdated thinking and assumptions that these same executives are viewing your emails and online information from a desktop or laptop. The truth is that the people who hold the key to your sales success are not at their desks while viewing your emails or even doing research about you or your company. They are on their smartphones.

Miles Austin has a created a new exercise for you and your sales team to understand why the majority of sales efforts online are going to waste.

Written by Miles Austin @milesaustin

4 Habits of a New Generation of Top Sales Performers

What do you think a top performing sales person looks like today?

No doubt, the sales industry is changing and the top sales people are changing too. And fast! The profile of the industry’s top performers has shifted.

Mark Roberge, Chief Revenue Officer at HubSpot knows a thing or two about this – By building a sales team of close to 200 people over the last six years. In this post, Mark provides four habits of today’s top performer’s exhibit that yesterday’s top performers did not.

Written by Mark Roberge @markroberge


Inactive Email Addresses: To Mail, Not to Mail…or Something Else?

Inactive email addresses are people are your email marketing list who haven’t opened, clicked or shown any sign of engagement in a while, which depending on your email send frequency, could be a few weeks or a few months.

But if handled correctly, an inactive subscriber still has the potential to convert and increase revenue. Jeanne Jennings tells us how marketers can best reconnect with these inactive readers.

Written by Jeanne Jennings @jeajen

5 Quick Tips to Rock Your Business Content Marketing and Blog Strategy

Does your company have a blog?

If the answer is no, then it may be time to start one. Content marketing should be a major component of your organizations marketing strategy, and a business blog can play an important role in growing your web traffic.

Martin Jones provides five tips to help you get started with a business blog.

Written by Martin Jones @martinjonesaz

Customer Service

Your Customers - Or Your Best Friends?

Do you have many “best friends” amongst your customer base? Or do your customers consider you one of their best friends? If not, then it might be time to make some changes.

According to recent research, how a brand communicates with its customers is at the heart of relationship building. David Roe walks you through key findings and how you can become your customer’s best friend.

Written by David Roe @druadh20

5 impacts that Amazon has had on customer experience

Last month, Amazon turned 20 years old and it now offers more than 230 million separate items for sale.

There's no doubt, Amazon has and is a game changer to eCommerce - It has completed changed the way how consumers shop, read and watch movies, and has disrupted a wide range of industries from selling books to video rental.

So what lessons can we learn from Amazon? Pauline Ashenden explains five ways Amazon has changed the expectations of customer experience.

Written by Pauline Ashenden @EpticaUK

A Step-By-Step Guide to Getting Better Customer Service

Despite a customer’s best efforts to solve a problem on their own, sometimes they just need to call for help – Whether it’s a broken gadget, downed service or, to fix a company’s mistake.

Unfortunately, calling customer service can be a miserable experience. But alas, Whitson Gordon over a Life Hacker has put together a survival guide for delivering a better customer service.

Written by Whitson Gordon @WhitsonGordon


We hope you have enjoyed this monthly round up of sales, marketing and customer service blog posts.

Use these tips to hire great sales people, reactivate inactive subscribers, and get closer to your customers.

We weren’t able to round up all of the blog posts that were published this month. If you read something you would like to share, feel free to comment below.

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