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The Super Seven – Top Sales, Marketing and Customer Service Posts in March

For most countries in Europe, the weather in March has been fantastic – And with it, the content has been great too!

This month, we have rounded up some of our favorite blog posts in sales, marketing and customer service that were published in March. This month’s Super Seven is courtesy of content published on Inc, Clickz and HelpScout.


1. When Was Sales Not Social?

In a nutshell: From communicating with potential buyers, getting referrals and working trade shows, according to Lori Richardson, sales has always been social. This post looks into ways that a sales professional can get ‘more social’ with clients, prospects and partners.

Written by Lori Richardson @scoremoresales


2. What Marketers Are Getting Wrong

In a nutshell: Best-selling author and entrepreneur Seth Godin shares how companies can change their tactics to get customers' attention more effectively and talks about the ever-changing marketing space - and what most companies are doing wrong in it.

Written by Abigail Tracy @abigailtracy

3. Is Your Brand Sending Emails Thursdays at Lunch Time? So Is Everyone Else

In a nutshell: Email is the one of the most important channels in marketing and TrackMaven recently examined more than 93,000 emails to explore what brands are up to with their email campaigns. The study looked at days and times sent, word count, headlines, imagery used, and more.

Written by Jessica Lee @BzzContent

Customer service

4. Stop Being Blinded by Faster Response Times

In a nutshell: While speed may not be important, it is generally not in a customer’s best interest when communicating with a customer service team. In fact, consumer research has shown that spending more time with customers is the way to go.

Written by Gregory Ciotti @GregoryCiotti

5. Customer Service Lessons: Amex

In a nutshell: Credit card companies are notorious for delivering poor service yet, despite the overall reputation in the industry, it’s American Express that consistently stands out and strives to break the mold. This post covers three success stories from customers and shows what makes Amex so special.

Written by Jason Biddle @BiddleJason

6. 5 Quick Tips For Lasting Customer Service

In a nutshell: Companies that focus too much on new business risk ignoring and alienating existing business and as a result, customers that are taken for granted leave, and business suffers. Eric Schiffer, world-leading expert in digital marketing, covers 5 key rules in which he follows in order to stay ahead of your competition and customers.

Written by Eric Schiffer @EricSchiffer

7. 6 Social Media Customer Service Mistakes to Avoid

In a nutshell: Millions of consumers share their experiences with brands on social networks and in recent years, companies have learned that making a good impression, or correcting a bad impression, means listening to these social media conversations.  This post lists six mistakes to avoid when interacting with customers on social media.

Written by Nicole Fallon @nicolefallon90


Use these tips and examples in this post to help your sales teams become more social, understand what marketers are getting wrong and how to deliver a better customer service, whether through spending more time communicating with customers in the phone or on the social web.

There was a lot of great content published on the web in March. And I know we didn’t manage to read them all. What was your favorite post this month? Feel free to share and comment below.

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